Alternate Pathways: Do You Have An Alternate Entry to Your Home or Office For Emergencies?

Having an extra point of entry to your home or office may prove to be quite a lifesaver in numerous situations. It is very handy as devised by Schlüsseldienst Kassel. In order to get you motivated to install it as soon as possible, we’re going to present a list of the most common scenarios that can happen at any time and without warning:

  1. Fire emergency

A fire can start raging in your house, office, or storage room at any time, and being unprepared can even cost lives. Someone could leave the stove unattended for a longer period of time, the gas may explode, and so forth. Realistically speaking, a fire emergency is a threat even in the modern homes. Imagine waking up to a vortex of burning flames, and the only way out of the building is through a single exit, the path to which is blocked by fire. Not a pleasant situation to find yourself in, especially without a fire extinguisher. An alternate exit or a fire escape may very well be the difference between you making it out alive or not.

  1. Burglary or home invasion

Burglars can enter your house at any time they feel like no-one is looking. But sometimes they simply fail to notice that someone is in the house and attempt to make a forced entry anyway. In cases such as these, fighting back is never recommended. After all, you’re dealing with experienced criminals who are not only more skilled in physical combat than regular people, and they are more than probably carrying a weapon as well. The best course of action is to find the quickest escape route. Luckily, installing a second door to aid you in your escape can easily be covered by locksmith services near you.

  1. Floods

Is your home located in a flooded area or on landscape where there is always a possibility of floods? Let’s hope this never happens, but what if water starts pouring in, and the pressure makes it next to impossible to open the main door? Surely enough, you can probably escape through the window, but what if you want to save your furniture and other larger valuables in the process? Imagine how much easier an emergency exit would make things, especially if it’s located in the upper floor and it has a handy staircase you can use to plan your escape.

  1. Other

Emergencies are one thing, but having an alternate entry to your home can prove beneficial in other relatively mild cases as well. For example, you may lose the key to your main door, leaving you locked out of your home, or your smart lock may temporarily stop working due to a faulty firmware update or something similar. In these and similar cases, having a separate door with a different key will allow you to enter your home without having to break into it.


If the design of your home allows for it, installing an alternate entry point can save you from so many problems we can’t even count. In the end, doing so will not only make things more comfortable, but also make your home a much safer place. With that in mind, what are you still waiting for?

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