Worried About Thanksgiving Food Waste? How To Make The Most Of Your Leftovers

Thanksgiving is that one time of year where we allow ourselves to eat anything without question. We cook up loads, dig in as much as we can, and then lay around for the rest of the day with our clothes a little looser! As far as family traditions go, it’s one we can all partake in. 

But when cooking for Thanksgiving, your eyes are sometimes bigger than your stomachs. You can dish up upwards of 10 different foods, and when the day is over, there’s still a lot left. This kind of food waste is a real worry, and finding something to do with it is key to living a little more sustainably. As such, here’s how to make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Freeze Your Vegetables

If you’ve got big bags of vegetables leftover, chuck them in the freezer. Get them in there and out of the way, and then you can pull them out when you need a base or a mix for a meal in the near future. You’re always going to want to add veggies to the plate, so you’ll be sure to use these up without a problem. 

Add Some Eggs

Eggs are great for adding flavor to a dish, so use them in great amounts when you’ve got leftovers to use up. Indeed, you can make forms of deviled eggs if you’ve got some leftover condiments, such as stuffing or cranberry. 

Or if you’ve got some fresher vegetables still available (such as beans and peppers), you can throw them into a pan with some eggs and make an omelette. This also helps to add a hit of protein to the dish you’re making, which is never a bad thing when it comes to your diet. 

Make a Soup

Throwing your leftovers into a pot, adding a bit of water and/or milk, and then seasoning it to taste is a great way to use up things that don’t go with anything else. It’s also a good way to throw together small leftover amounts that can’t be baked into a proper meal. 

For example, this loaded potato soup recipe could be a good way to make use of spare potatoes, as well as meat offcuts that didn’t quite make it onto plates. Soups can be made out of literally anything, and you can freeze the leftover amount for a simple reheat at a later date. 

Wrap in Pastry

Pastry is such an adaptable ingredient, and that means it’s perfect for combining with your leftovers. Making a pie out of turkey breast, carrots, and any leftover casserole is a great way to bake all of those yummy flavors into one big dish. You can then serve it up on its own with just a bit of gravy, which means no more mess and even fewer leftovers to try and use up again! 

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a food waste occasion. Tips like these will ensure you use up every bite!

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