Teaching Elementary Math: Tips You May Need As a Parent

If you have a 4th grader, then you already know that math for fourth graders is a challenging subject. To get the best out of your child in a math class, you must be involved in the learning process one way or the other. You can either sign a kid for an online course or don your teacher hat and step into the position of a home tutor.

It does not matter which of the options you pick; anyway, you must participate in the studying process by teaching a child after classes or reviewing what they learned in their online course. You need help to navigate this new elementary math teaching world that you have chosen to journey in, and here are some of the helpful tips: 

Be positive

Kids can sense exasperation from miles away. Therefore, no matter how confusing a math concept is at the beginning, you must maintain a demeanor like you understand everything. Take some time off, try to understand the idea, and ask the kids’ teacher for help if necessary. 

But when you are with your child, come with a positive attitude as it cheers them up and makes a kid believe that they can do it too. You are inadvertently the superhuman, so be positive and kids will imitate that energy and face the math problems without fear.

Ask for a kid’s explanation of things 

The first step to teaching your child elementary math is finding out what they understand about the problem facing them. The first thing everyone must know about math is that people often have slightly different opinions about the necessity of studying the subject. It may or may not be the correct understanding, but they have one. 

A child’s understanding, or lack thereof, of the work they face will determine your teaching strategy. When your child brings home an assignment or a worksheet, before you switch to a solution mode, check if and how they understand the project first. 

Bring elementary math into everyday life 

One of the easiest-to-implement elementary math tips is using math in real-life situations. The basic idea of math is to solve daily problems. Instead of teaching your kids with only worksheets and textbooks now and then, you can start using examples in everyday activities. 

For example, 4th-grade math explores measurements, so instead of making pancakes in the morning for breakfast by yourself, you can walk your child through measures of flour, eggs, sugar, and the rest of the ingredients. Similarly, when you go shopping, you can teach a kid about money and the cash value of things. 

Use games and fun videos 

Kids already have to deal with theory and numbers in class; switch things up with teaching them by using math games and fun videos. There are math games and entertaining videos on and other numerous math learning resources. 

Some of these games require that you get up and jive with a kid; take advantage of such activities because other than just helping kids learn math, they promote bonding between parents and children.

Have math conversations 

The best way to ensure your kids are learning math is to speak to them. The more conversations around math, the more familiar you become with the subject. When they get acquainted with math concepts, symbols, and equations, solving math problems becomes less complicated. The idea is to ensure that the word “math” creates excitement but not fear in a child. 


Teaching your child elementary math will not be the easiest thing, but with the tips listed above, you should be able to teach them to the best of your ability. Remember that you can always talk to the kid’s teacher when you feel stuck. Teaching a child is not a one-person job; it usually does take a village.

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