5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Essential For Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a huge task to take on, but with the 6 kitchen appliances, you are sure to host the most memorable holiday event of the year! So you have finally built up your courage and offered to host Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year! Expectations are high and there are several generations of family members that will be judging your every dish. Hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is hard enough and the last thing you need to is to discover the morning of the big day that you don’t have the right tools. Plus you have to put into consideration whether you have adequate enough space and heat resources to prepare everything. Making a small investment in those high-value small kitchen appliances will leave you more time to spend with family and less time stressing in the kitchen! The best part is that all of these kitchen appliances take up very little space and are versatile enough to be used all year long. Also make sure you check out to discover the best touchless kitchen faucets!


5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Essential For Thanksgiving

I never knew how much I needed a mixer until I had one in my life… this is one of my most utilized kitchen appliances! They are incredibly useful during Thanksgiving preparation and a perfect for creating smoother mashed potatoes, combining dressing ingredients, and preparing silky sweet yams. Plus they can include a variety of accessories which have nothing to do with mixing, but give you the freedom to leverage the mixer’s powerful motor to complete other tasks (grinding meats, stuffing sausage, rolling the perfect pasta, straining fruits/vegetables, and making ice cream.)

Pressure Cooker

5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Essential For Thanksgiving

Another useful kitchen appliance is a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker speeds up the cooking time for a variety of labor-intensive recipes. You can even cook a juicy, delicious turkey in a pressure cooker! To help with Thanksgiving dinner preparations, a pressure cooker can help with desserts, such as bread pudding and custards. It can also be used to quickly churn some homemade gravy.

Slow Cooker

5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Essential For Thanksgiving

A slow cooker is another extremely useful kitchen appliance that everyone should take advantage of when making Thanksgiving dinner. This is a great appliance to free up microwave oven space because it allows you to make one of your side dishes in it. A slow cooker is also good for making Thanksgiving stuffing, casseroles, and any grain or rice-based side dish. You can also use a slow cooker to keep dips or your gravy warm while you are finishing up the main dishes. There are even triple slow cooker which allows you to heat up three different types of food at the same time.

Deep Fryer

5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Essential For Thanksgiving

I have been hearing about so many people using a deep fryer during holiday dinners now, as it is an excellent way to save time. Free up some space on the stove by moving some of the pan frying foods to the deep fryer. You can easily deep fry these same items in less time, without sacrificing taste. Another option is to start out using the deep fryer and then transferring the food over to a pan while they are finishing. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple appetizers which are all fried.

Food Processor

5 Kitchen Appliances That Are Essential For ThanksgivingThis is another valuable kitchen appliance that gets used quite often in my kitchen. A food processor is an appliance that can really help you save time in the kitchen during Thanksgiving. Save hours in food preparation by allowing a food processor to do all of the chopping for you! This appliance can chop, dice and slice during the food preparation portion of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It is also a great appliance for making all the delicious sauces, dips and spreads that make your turkey complete, we love making homemade salsa dip in ours!

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    You have featured the best of the best here!

    One thing I still haven’t upgraded to is an electric pressure cooker, I am still using my old pressure cooking pot.

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  2. Great post. This will help many people out there prepare for thanksgiving like never before. No more excuses. Am going to get a pressure cooker early enough .


  3. Most helpful post here! many of interesting idea and advice to make the best and tasty cooking. Our life is too short but we can make it very enjoyable and easy to take some decisions in our life. Our kitchen is a jewelry of our home. We can make it very beautiful. And a touchless kitchen faucet also can increase the beauty of our kitchen. also can make easy our life! Thank You

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