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Winter is Coming – Get Ready

Winter is Coming – Get ReadySummer is really easy to cope with; all you need to do is get toned up a bit, exfoliate your legs and maybe slick some fake tan on and the world’s your lobster. Winter’s a bit more demanding, however – all that cold, the dark nights, the rain and sleet.

It can be made somewhat easier, though, by a bit of prep. OK, it’s prep during the summer, when you should be flashing your tanned pins and sipping sangria, but being prepared means you’re, well, prepared for that long, dark, northern hemisphere winter.

This is how we do it…

Place a heating oil order while it’s still hot and sunny

We’re all soaking up those rays right now, but pretty soon the evenings will get shorter and thoughts will turn to autumn – which is the season before winter… Once you’ve found out how much the cheapest oil from supersaveroil costs, you can get it ordered and then sit back and wait – there’s no rush.

Invest in extra some mats to help you out of the snow

If you live somewhere that gets a decent amount of snowfall, then you will no doubt have to dig your car out of it at some point. The inevitable lack of traction for the wheels can be a real hassle, so one good idea is to keep a couple of car footwell mats in the boot. When you’re stuck, put them in front of the front wheels and drive on.

Traction for your bike wheels

This is a brilliant idea; if you cycle in the snow, or if you’d like to, then all you need to do is fix cable ties around the wheels and tyres at two-inch intervals and you’ll have instant grip!

Vacuum your summer clothes away

Not literally, because that’d mean you’d have to replace them the next year. No, use vacuum-pack bags to store your summer clothes in; the reduced volume means you can hide them away under beds, or up in the loft. Then you can get your winter clothes out and feel ready.

Let your dog use puppy training mats when it’s really bitter outdoors

You may have a really small dog, or an elderly one; or, indeed, an actual puppy. Of course, they need to answer the call of nature a few times a day, but if your older dog really feels the cold and it’s hard work getting suited and booted to take him out, then warm him back up when you get home, then just let him “go” on a training mat. It’ll save time and frostbite.

Consider if your home is as well-insulated as it could be

Have a think – are there any windows that are becoming a bit loose around the frames? Or is your letterbox a source of sharp droughts when the wind blows? If this is the case, then there’s a few easy hacks to keep more warm air in, like hanging thick curtain behind the door or using clingfilm on your windows.

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