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Why Gift Cards Are the Most Popular Gift

Why Gift Cards Are the Most Popular Gift

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One of my favorite gifts to receive during the holidays is gift cards! As a mother of three I rarely find the time to shop for myself, so receiving gift cards is the push I need to finally treat myself to something nice. I am also a huge fan of giving out gifts cards during the holidays. Not only does this save me so much time, but I don’t inconvenience people by giving them a gift they don’t like. Gift cards are such a popular item these days, but why exactly? Today I will be sharing with you why gifts cards are the most popular gift right now and how you can save!

5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Gift Cards

  • You Choose the Amount: Deciding on how much you want to spend on each person and then trying to find a gift for every person that falls in that price range can be challenging! With gift cards, you can simply choose the amount you want on the card. That way everyone is receiving a gift that is of equal value and no ones feelings get hurt.
  • They are Convenient: With gift cards you won’t find yourself walking down the same aisles over and over trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Not only are gift cards convenient for you to purchase, but they are also a hassle free gift for the recipient. You will never purchase the wrong size, the wrong color or the wrong character… this is a gift that won’t leave the recipient anxious to return it.
  • You Can Personalize Them: Since you saved so much time purchasing gift cards, this is your opportunity to find unique and fun ways to personalize them. I am always looking for creative ways to gift them rather than just putting them in the envelope. Make sure to check out Pinterest for all the ways you can get personal with gifting gift cards this year!
  • They Don’t Expire: You never have to worry about a gift card getting old, going out of style or expiring! The recipient of your gift cards have the convenience of using them whenever they like, it doesn’t have to be used up right away!
  • It’s ALWAYS The Right Gift: You truly can’t go wrong with giving out gift cards during the holidays. Not everyone is going to like the gifts you give them… you won’t always get the right size, the correct color, or even the correct style. Gifts cards allow someone to pick out exactly what they want and everyone wins!


Why Gift Cards Are the Most Popular Gift

If I can get a good chunk of my Christmas shopping completed and save money on groceries in one trip, I would consider that to be a very successful day! Well luck would have it, you actually have the opportunity to do both of these things. When you purchase $100 or more in select gift cards for Amazon, JCP, Bass Pro, Starbuck’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Toys R Us and Kohl’s, you will get $10 toward next shopping order at Acme.

Starting 12/2 until 12/15 all you savvy shoppers can earn $10 off your next shopping trip when you purchase $100 in select gift cards. This offer only lasts a few weeks, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can! If you want to get even more savings, you can double dip on rewards by using your rewards credit card to purchase gift cards at the grocery store! So what are you waiting for? Find an Acme Store near you today and start stocking up on this year’s most popular gift!

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