Which is better: English Bulldog or French Bulldog?

Both the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog are hugely popular breeds, and many believe they are hugely similar too. But here’s your first fact, while both are undoubtedly brilliant, these are very different breeds. So the question is not which is better, but which is better for you!

French Bulldog and English Bulldog Breed Basics

They both have the name Bulldog so they are basically the same right? Well yes and no.

The typical Bulldog look is the following:

  • Big head
  • Flat face
  • Stocky body
  • Wide stance
  • Short legs
  • Large size

The English Bulldog has all this. And for the most part the French Bulldog does too, but they could be considered a more ‘toy version’. In fact they are quite different breeds in size, which you might not notice until you see them side by side. The Frenchie, though it will be solidly built too, is much smaller, far less heavier, and less stocky. You can easily pick up your Frenchie, but that ain’t true with an English Bulldogs.

The weight of a fully grown, full sized English Bulldog weighs 23-25kg’s on average. For a French Bulldog it is a mere 9-14Kg’s on average.

So for sufferers of bad backs, and achy knees, the French Bulldog is the easy choice! Of course there are always Miniature English Bulldogs to look out, barely bigger than a Frenchie!

What home is the Frenchie and English Bulldog suited for?

You should be considering such things as..

  • How much alone time your dog will face
  • Space available for the dog
  • Level of activity you can commit too
  • The local climate

Bulldog Puppyhood

First things first you need to know what it is like to raise a French or English Bulldog puppy.

In all honesty neither breed is the easiest to raise and train when they are young. But on average the French Bulldog is the easier.

It is fair to say that the English Bulldog can be a lazy breed, and that can make them stubborn to learn new commands, to potty train and to leash train. But on the other hand it makes them a bit calmer, and less mischievous, than the cheekier French Bulldog, which, when young, is more likely to chew up your house if left unsupervised.

The Frenchie is so loving though, that with patience they will listen to what you have to say, and learn what they should and shouldn’t do.

But with both these breeds training should be done in small doses, as they will not respond well to lots of learning when they could be playing or lazing about.

English Bulldog vs French Bulldog : Temperament

First of all, you will not find two more loving dog breeds than the French Bulldog and English Bulldog. Constant companions that love to be with you all the time, they both bring such joy to your homes.

And because both breeds, especially the English Bulldog, have less exercise needs, and don’t tend to get too bored from lack of activity, they are ideally suited to older people. But, and this is a big but, they are both breeds that need lots of human contact and are not ideally suited to being left alone a lot.

They want your attention, and in return you can expect a lot of affection.

And if you want a dignified, graceful dog, then perhaps the Frenchie is not the one for you. A siller, cheekier and funny breed there isn’t. They will play, they will roll about, and they will make all sorts of silly noises. All this makes them a perfect family dog.

The English Bulldog, especially when older, is more calm, sensible and noble, but still warm and welcoming. Making them more of a perfect companion dog.

English Bulldog vs French Bulldog: Health and Care

It is a true testament to how wonderful these two breeds are, that they are so beloved and popular, despite the health care requirements of both.

Though a properly bred Bulldog, from an expert breeder, will have the perfect conformation of the breed, and be in great health, the very shape, size and structure of these breeds, bring about issues, that ever owner has to take care of.

They are both brachycephalic dogs. This is due to their flat faces, and flat nose. The reduction in the muzzle and facial bones pinches the nostrils, making air intake an effort. The short palate tends to block the airway, which is also smaller in size. So any owner has to take care when exercising their Bulldog, especially in hot and cold conditions.

They can also have a problem with digestion too because of this, and again care needs to be taken to ensure they have the right food, in the right quantities to ensure they digest it properly.

And those wrinkles need watching too, and kept clean from infection.

Of the two breeds the French Bulldog has the longer lifespan, with 10 considered a very good age for an English Bulldog, but Frenchies can often pass 12 years of age.

But with good care, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and lots of regular vet visits, you can reduce the health risks of your Bulldog. And most of all, by choosing one from a brilliant breeder, you can ensure you have a puppy from a healthy bloodline.

Deciding between these two breeds can be a tricky choice. They are both warm, loving Bulldogs, with that fantastic face and sturdy body. Deciding between the two often comes down to two things…

Size & Energy

The English Bulldog is much bigger, heavier and solid than the French Bulldog, and needs more room, and certainly isn’t carriable.

Meanwhile the Frenchie is livelier, more playful, and has those daily ‘zoomies’ too.

So if you are looking for a more laid back breed, that you can relax with, then the English Bulldog could be the one for you. And if you are looking for a bundle of fun, but still with a snuggly, loving side than it sounds like the French Bulldog is the perfect choice.

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  1. This is a very thoughtful and fair comparison of the two! Like anything else there are pluses and minuses of every type of dog based on what the dog owner’s situation is. Great post – looking forward to reading more!

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