5 Steps To Take To Become Self Published

Self-publishing your book is an exciting process, you already know that, almost as exciting as actually writing it. The process itself though can be very daunting if you haven’t done it before, how do you even go about it?

Seeing as you are already here, I may as well tell you, and it’s easier than you probably think it is.

Write It

This sounds perfectly obvious, but it doesn’t make it any less accurate does it? After all, before you can get out there and pitch your book to an online self publishing company, you have to actually have to write it first. Makes sense when you think about it. Some people can already visualize exactly how the book is going to go, how the story will flow, but struggle to actually get the words down. If this is you don’t let it put you off – so long as you write something, every day, you’ll soon find that you can’t stop. It’s also a good idea to note down key locations and what your characters look like, so you don’t make errors later.

Edit Your Work And Be Brutal

Once the book is actually finished, or some writers prefer to edit each chapter as they complete it, it’s time to edit it. Sometimes you may have to leave it alone for a while so that your eyes are a little ‘fresher’ to the text and the flow. It’s important to honest with yourself during this process as you will do yourself no favors if you are not. When it comes to online self publishing, rushing yourself or not being completely honest with your edit can do real damage.

How Is The Book Going To Look?

Actually, having the book completed, proofreading and editing included, it’s time to think of how it’s going to look. No matter how good the book is, it won’t sell without a great cover. Many decide to hire a designer, and these can be found online and rather cheaply if you know where to look. People really do judge books by their covers so it’s worth taking your time about this one.

Now To Get The Book Out There

Lots of new writers get to this stage and then stall, not knowing how to actually get it published. You are obviously going to need an online self publishing company, and they are easy to find. They can help you with the whole process of actually publishing your new book for you, taking all of the pain out of it. To get started, you can get a quote at Gatekeeper Press who offer free consultations which will help you to figure out what the process will look like.

Promote Your Book

Your online publisher can help a lot here, but you will be even more likely to make a splash if you do some promoting of your own too. Consider setting up a Twitter account, just for the book, and ask friends and family to add it and share your book’s Tweets – don’t forget hashtags either. There are also so great services out there if you need help to sell more books.

Follow these steps to become self published.

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