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Which Appliances Need to Be Repaired the Most Often?

In this guide, we’re going to cover some of the most commonly-repaired appliances in the household so that you can get an idea of what you may have to fix.

Knowledge is power, and every skill you pick up makes you more versatile, ensuring that you’ll never run into a situation where you feel like you are out of your league. One of the most helpful skills is being able to fix things yourself, and DIY can end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

Of course, DIY takes practice, and you’ll need to get to know what you’re fixing to ensure that you have the skills required for the task in the first place. You may be wondering which appliances businesses like appliance repair Barrie Ontario need to fix the most, and in this guide, that’s what we’ll be looking at.

Washing Machines

Washing machines tend to break often because they have a large number of moving parts and they see more use than other household appliances. Larger families will usually have more issues with their washing machines because they simply have more clothes that need cleaning, creating more work for the washer.

Fixing a washing machine can often be a challenge because you’ll need knowledge in both electrical wiring and plumbing, also making them rather hazardous for the uninitiated. If you don’t have much DIY experience, we’d recommend dealing with other appliances and letting the professional sort out your washing machine.


Another appliance which sees constant use in the household is the refrigerator, as it is always on, and sooner or later, something can end up failing. More often than not, you’ll have to deal with minor issues like drawers coming off of their rails and little plastic bits breaking, but serious problems can present a challenge.

Being able to repair a fridge yourself is beneficial because there’s the possibility that you can get it done within a short time so that your food doesn’t end up spoiling. Waiting for a refrigerator repair person for more than a few hours will often result in most of the food you have stocked up in your fridge going bad.


Finally, ovens also run into issues relatively often, and many of them can be simple inconveniences such as the timer failing to start or the internal light not turning on. However, if the elements or the convection fans in your oven fail, then you’re going to need to get it fixed before baking anything else.

As with knowing how to repair your fridge, knowing how to do so with your oven means that you’ll typically be able to get the job done faster. Having your oven ready for use sooner means that you won’t be stuck eating the same kind of food for as long of a time.


While we’ve mentioned washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens, you’ll find that there are far more appliances which often need to be repaired in the home, such as dryers and dishwashers. Now that you know what may end up failing, you can learn a bit more about how they work to make repairing them a simpler task.

6 thoughts on “Which Appliances Need to Be Repaired the Most Often?

  1. I like that there is a low risk of repair for refrigerators. We will take note of the food rotting easily outside the refrigerator. My wife and I need to consult a refrigerator repair specialist to help us out on maintaining our refrigerator.

  2. Thanks for telling me that washers tend to break or be damaged often because of the number of their moving parts. It might also be the reason why my machine stopped working in the middle of my laundry last night even if it worked perfectly the previous day. It might be time to call an appliance repair expert and let them handle the task.

  3. It was interesting to read about which appliances require the most attention or repairs. My fridge isn’t working at the moment. We’re hoping to find a professional who can come out and fix it soon.

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