Some of the Most Common Issues with Furnaces

If you have a furnace, you’ll want to be sure that you can deal with any problems whenever they come up, but you’ll have to get acquainted with them beforehand. You can check out which is an excellent option if you need to find a place that can do some repairs to your furnace. 

Being able to fix something yourself is a matter of combining the required DIY experience with sufficient knowledge about whatever it is you’re repairing. If you have no idea how a machine works, you’re going to have a hard time getting it back in proper condition or even knowing where to get started.

Reliability is crucial in home appliances, and if you don’t want to be left without a crucial utility like heating, then you’ll want to make sure you keep them maintained.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at a few common problems in furnaces and a few of their possible causes so that you can get a better idea of how to conduct repairs. Furnace replacement in Chicago, Il or any other city can get pricey, and preventative maintenance and repairs can help avoid those costs.

No Power

One of the most severe issues you can face with your furnace is a complete lack of power, and it obviously can’t run if it isn’t supplied with energy. In the case of an electric furnace, it may have simply been unplugged, or there may be a more severe issue with the power supply, possibly necessitating a replacement.

If you’re going to repair the power supply of your furnace, you’ll need training as an electrician or in a similar discipline. Do not attempt to fix any electrical parts of the furnace if you don’t have the gear or the qualifications to do so, as it can be a dangerous task, even if you have extensive DIY experience.

Little or No Heating

Another common issue that can arise is that your furnace will stop providing hot air, or it won’t be able to produce enough heat for the entire home. As you would expect, your furnace being unable to perform its intended function is a serious problem, and you’ll want to rectify it as soon as possible.

There are a few different parts of the furnace that can be responsible for poor heating performance, and they may require fixing or outright replacement. For example, the pilot light may be dead, or the gas isn’t making its way to the furnace. A thorough examination of the furnace will be necessary.

Thermostat Issues

The furnace itself may not always be the source of the issues you’re facing, so you’ll also want to take a look at the thermostat and the wiring that connects it to your furnace. Since your thermostat is responsible for controlling your furnace, it may be stuck on a particular setting, or it may not work at all.

Keep in mind that just because the thermostat’s interface works, it doesn’t mean that the signal is getting through to the furnace. It is also possible that your thermostat displays the wrong temperature, leading to an environment which is uncomfortably hot when it should be room temperature.


There are many more possible issues that can arise with a furnace, and we’ve only covered some of the most common ones. Knowing the condition of your furnace can also help you decide whether you want to repair it or you’ll need a full furnace replacement.

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