Extra Income for the Dogs

Extra Income for the Dogs Pet lover without a pet? Bank account lacking a certain extra padding? That’s where the pet-sitting network comes in. This world of pet owners and experienced sitters creates a trustworthy experience for everyone, and most importantly keeps cats and dogs well cared-for and happy. Becoming a Rover sitter is an incredibly unique way to bring in extra income, mostly because you’re too busy hanging out with sweet four-legged friends to notice that it’s technically a job. Here are just a few of the different ways that Rover offers you money-making opportunities with the paw-footed set — because in the Rover world, “pet sitting” means whatever keeps pets safe, clients happy, and you, the sitter, in the know about what everyone needs.

Dog walking.

Let pups out for a romp-and-relief when their owners are out for the day or just don’t have time to give Fido the exercise he or she needs. When clients are in great need of a little extra help and you only have a little extra time, dog walking through Rover is pretty much a dream scenario — for you and the pup.

Pet daycare.

Some four-legged friends need a little extra love and company during the day while their family is at work, and that’s where Rover sitters can come in. You can provide walks, dog park visits, or simply play the day away. Sometimes that means keeping an energetic puppy engaged and sometimes that means calming a cat or older dog with separation anxiety. There are a lot of pets out there, and many of them need caring and experienced companions like you.

Pet boarding.

From holidays to last-minute weekends away, pet owners always want to have someone on retainer that they can trust to take their furry friends in (when they can’t take them along). That makes Rover sitters an extremely valuable resource, especially since Rover does the legwork of screening and vetting potential sitters, ensuring that all sitters are up to the the job of caring for precious canine and feline cargo. Depending on the needs of the client, you may provide pet care at their home or take them into yours.

The takeaway

No matter which route you decide to take once you become a Rover sitter, this thriving network provides endless opportunities to find new clients, grow relationships with existing ones, and pad your income in a truly delightful way. Whether you end up using Rover to supplement your other endeavors or decide to fill your time with caring for four-legged friends, you’re bound to meet more than a few adorable faces that make it worth your while.

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