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When is the Best Time to Redecorate Your Room?

When is the Best Time to Redecorate Your Room?

We’re supposed to feel relaxed and pampered when we get home from work, but when you lie down on the couch and look up at the wearing paint on the ceiling or trip on a tweaked foot of a side table, you may just opt to bathe instead and retire to bed, right?

Decorating or redecorating your room is important not merely to impress sleep-over visitors but to boost functionality and cater your needs as homeowner, further to suit your lifestyle. But when is the best time to redecorate?  

The budget

Plan which part of the room or which furniture needs to be replaced or restructured; after which, check on your budget on hand. If that amount falls short of your project price point, you can either set aside an ample amount of money each week and have the job done by phases, or you may opt to apply for a personal loan to finish the project on time which may also save you time and effort.

The time frame

Most designers agree and suggest that redecorating a room should be done every 3-4 years to keep up with the latest trends, or your home would look outdated. There is no need to renovate your room completely, but changing up the bedding and colour scheme will do some magic.

Be trendy

Updating your home is important — especially the bedroom — as it should be a sanctuary for relaxation that would allow you to have a very good sleep. Repainting your bedroom walls every 12-24 months will refresh and revitalize the mood.

No need to change everything

The experts also suggest to keep your furniture and flooring neutral, and that a bedroom should be a place where you can recharge and feel comfortable and not a room of dismay. Indeed, comfort should come before design.

De-stress, redecorate

Also, if you have children in the house who sleep with you, your room can easily become worn and tired looking. It is best to clear out your bedroom once a year, starting from the wardrobe to the drawers, as well as the shelving and linens. Disposing of things you no longer need will give you therapeutic feeling and a chance to share with people who could utilize them.

Quality is…

Regular vacuuming of mattresses is also recommended to prevent potential dips forming. Also, instead of making your bed in the morning, keep the duvet pulled back to aerate the mattress and prevent dust mites. 

Design tricks to prevent bed ageing

Another good suggestion is to change bedding design to blend with the season; not necessarily buying new but rotate the current ones you have in the closet. A white, clean fresh-looking set is perfect for summer, while warm, rich and bold tones will keep you warm during winter.

Now let’s cap this discussion with a good thought: you don’t have to spend much on renovations like repainting and buying new furniture; a little movement of your bed from one side of the room to the other and nice clean crisp bedding will make you long for home.

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