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Wearing Your Baby Comfortably & In Style

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About The The Pognae Baby Carrier

The Pognae Baby Carrier is comfortable, ergonomic and has more innovative features than any other baby carrier. The hottest baby carrier in Asia and Europe is finally making its U.S. debut! Manufactured in South Korea, the Pognae Baby Carrier has become one of the most popular soft structured baby carriers outside of the U.S. The Pognae Baby Carrier is crafted with the same high-quality materials and care you expect from other top-tier baby carrier brands. With its ergonomic design, breathable air mesh shoulder straps, patented mesh cooling vent and shock-resistant support belt, the Pognae Baby Carrier is the most comfortable baby carrier you and your baby will ever wear.”mom


I have worn my beautiful baby girl nearly every single day since the day she was born! Evey fussy mood, each sleepless moment, and all of our trips outside of the home is accompanied by either a baby wrap or carrier. Baby wearing has been one of the most wonderful experiences and I could not be more happy with the freedom it gives me. See this beautiful little burst of sunshine is my third child to welcome into this world and being a mother of three leaves me feeling always one hand short. I need the freedom of two hands to help my eight year old study for a spelling test and play race cars with my four year old son. At the same time my baby needs the comfort, security and warmth that only a mother’s arms can provide. Baby wearing is the perfect solution to this and provides everyone int he family with what they need. Shopping for baby carriers can be a big decision, as there are so many options out there. I like to think of myself as an experienced baby wearer and I have a keen sense of which is best for you and your baby’s needs. I would like to introduce you to one of my all time favorite carriers and one that has literally been attached to my hip this past month. The Pognae is a soft structured carrier made with high quality fabric and designed for ultimate comfort.


The first thing I noticed when I first began using my Pognae was how much pressure was no longer on my back. I was really starting to get a sore back from the different carriers and wraps I had previously been using with my baby. It wasn’t until I started using the Pognae did I realize just how much stress I had been putting on my back. The mesh straps are extremely cushion and the design and positioning of the carrier allows you to take much of the baby’s weight off from your back. Even my posture has improved and I am no longer slouching all of the time. This is such a lightweight carrier and it’s not at all bulky, which makes it perfect for bringing on the go. Now that It has been getting colder out, when we run errands I will put the carrier on, place my daughter in it and then throw my coat on. The sleek and lightweight design of this carrier allows me to stay warm and wear my baby comfortably without having to leave my coat behind. In the summer time when it gets hot again, the Pognae has this amazing little mesh cooling vent in the front, simply zip it open and your little one will stay cool.


There is also a compact little area to store a hood, which I utilize quite often when we run errands. My daughter often falls asleep when we grocery shop, those florescent lights bother her and the hood allows me to to shield her eyes. This has been especially great to have during this week in particular, as we have been having strong, cold winds. The hood protects my baby from the cold wind when getting from the car to the store and vice versa. The attachable headrest is also a great product to use with your carrier, keeping your baby’s fragile head resting comfortably while taking a nap in the carrier.


I can not begin to tell you how many times I have put my baby in the carrier while getting her out of the car, only to stand there in the parking lot looking like a crazy lady while attempting to snap the strap in the back. I usually have my oldest with me to snap it for me, but when she is at school and not with me, I am stuck using my fancy moves to get the carrier buckled. The Pognae chest strap is so incredibly easy to click into place, getting your baby into the carrier alone is a breeze.

This carrier also contains a shock resistant waist belt for optimum comfort and support. This belt will shape to your body and provide you with firm support. I had mentioned earlier in this post that I have improved posture when I use the Pognae and the waist belt plays a major role in that. This has to be one of my favorite features about this carrier, but not as much as the love I have for their designs! Pognae offers a variety of colors and designs so that your carrier matches your personality. I would say I am very much girly and love some sassy designs that stand out, so the Venice Pognae Carrier immediately grabbed my attention and I just knew it was the one for me!

I can not give this carrier enough praise and I literally do not have a single negative word to utter about it. This is perfect for those that are new to baby wearing, moms that are looking for a carrier that they can bring with them on the go and moms that want a carrier that will provide the best comfort and support. So pretty much this is the baby carrier for each and every mom out there wanting to wear there baby, you will not be disappointed with this one, I guarantee it!


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