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Ways to Decorate Buffets and Sideboards

Decorating buffets and sideboards in your dining room and other spaces is very important. These decorative pieces have the power to showcase your personality dynamically. In this article, we will share easy ways to decorate buffets credenzas and sideboards using practical stylistic tips. 

Lets start with the basics – things to know

  • Make a concerted effort to decorate your buffet area but don’t overdo it by placing too many overlays.
  • Stay away from using small collectibles or tiny things.
  • Use faux plants and blooms only if they appear real.
  • Play around and experiment with your accessories
  • Less is more
  • Use a harmonious color palette
  • Change and mix things up often

The buffet in a dining room

One thing you can do to keep your buffet table looking fresh and updated is to remove your expensive plates and dishes from the top. This is quite important. Placing many dishes on top of a buffet even in a dining room set can make your space look old and cluttered. 

Rather try and style it without dishes. Keeping the dishes inside the buffet and not in it will make the buffet look much better. A buffet decoration needs to be classical, adding a contrast of something shiny and elegant will always work better. 

Make the buffet and sideboards the star of the room

In most cases, your dining room table is the star of your dining room. For this reason, the decorative piece placed on it should compliment it. In other words, the items you place on your sideboard or buffet should not compete for attention with anything else. Your buffet deserves attention too and must be decorated with the same measure of effort. 

Items you can use to achieve the best decoration

Use something organic 

Whether your buffet is located in your living room or kitchen. Using organics can make it look really pretty. This is because adding an element of organic design in a buffet and sideboard makes for a pleasant look and feel. 

Below are a few useful examples:

  • Moss balls
  • Plants
  • Three plants that are potted the same way
  • A handful of seasonal flowers or greens
  • Topiaries

Use tall items on both ends of the buffets and sideboards

Adding buffet lamps or candlesticks that are skinny and tall and placing them on both sides of a buffet adds great symmetry to a buffet and makes it glow beautifully when the candles are lit. Creating an attractive ambient effect.

Inadvertently this creates an updated and fresh appeal to the buffets and sideboards. In general, using the lamp principle gives it a more modern feel. All you have to do is include something tall on both sides of your buffet. Use a lamp with a bit more heft and a high item on the other side.

For example, the mesh lamp works best on the left side of the buffet. It certainly is the best size and scale for the buffet. It’s a beautiful tall accessory on one end of the buffet and provides another layer of lighting as well.

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