Are Labradors a Good Dog Breed For Families?

Choosing a pet dog for the family can be a good idea, as there are many benefits to having a dog in the family home. One choice of breed that can be a good idea for families is a labrador. They make for a reliable dog breed and they work hard, are active, easy to train, loveable, and eager to please. As a highly intelligent dog breed, they are a popular choice, especially with families as they are playful and can be taught to do a range of tricks. If you want a family pet that is good natured, then you don’t need to look further than a labrador.

Temperament and personality

Why will they make a good pet for your family? There are different kinds of labradors, as you can see here, but as a rule, they have a great personality to fit in with families. They are easy-going, although do have high levels of energy. That means that they love to exercise and be active for a couple of hours a day, and enjoy attention, which is likely to happen in a buddy family household. If you are looking for a labrador to be a companion pet, then they can do that too, being a great choice for a therapy or assistance dog due to their affectionate nature. They can work well for both individuals and families, and can suit a home that has other pets too. They fit in well with your life and lifestyle, as they are energetic and thrive on the busyness of everyday life. 


As a dog breed that is intelligent and energetic, they do need quite a bit of physical activity, which is something to consider if you’re able to commit that to them. Labradors need to have the right kind of physical exercise, as well as mental stimulation, to keep them happy. Being intelligent, as well as easter to please, they are a dog breed that responds well to methods of positive reinforcement, and they are keen to learn new commands and phrases. You will need to be upbeat and happy as you train them, as they won’t respond well to an owner that is feeling low or acting quiet.

Labradors do love to have company and thrive on the extra attention from people, whether that is playing games with them or taking them out for extra walks. In a busy family home, this can work well. If you ever need to leave your labrador alone for a little while, then it helps to make sure there are some toys available for them, or to have someone like a neighbor come in to check on them to give them some attention. 


Labradors are a breed of dog that can experience some genetic disorders that can lead to things like arthritis. This is something to consider when choosing this breed, and making sure that you get pet insurance to cover the help that they may need for a condition such as that. 

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