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Twin Z Pillow Review

A special thanks to Twin Z Pillow for providing me with a free product to review on my blog!

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 Product Description


Invented By a Mom of Twins the Twin Z Pillow is a new twin nursing and feeding pillow for parents of twins. It is great for nursing, bottle feeding and tummy time.  Great for Twin Baby Time, Breastfeeding, Bottle feeding, Tummy Time, and Toddlers Love It Too! They have won the 2012 Creative Child Top Choice Award & Twin Mom Seal of Approval.

Made With Durable, Long Lasting, 100% Baby Safe Materials:

Foam Free
Lead Free
No Chemicals Added
No Flame Retardants
Made in the USA

Click here to read “How the Twin Z was Born”




My Review


I was instantly in love with this pillow from the moment I saw it. This high quality pillow offers a greater amount of support compared to any other pillow I have seen before.  I am not personally a mother of twins, but I immediately foresaw all the benefits this one had to offer. I have met several mothers with twins over the years and they all seem to have one common factor, their twins love being together! The Twin Z Pillow offers a product that will ensure your twins can spend that close time together, while sitting/lying safely. The pillow also offers a one of a kind back support so mom can sit comfortably and feed her little ones (the pillow is designed for breastfeeding and bottle feeding moms.) The Twin Z is also an excellent way for an older sibling to bond with their new siblings, without feeling overwhelmed. I believe the Twin Z  is a must have for any parent of twins and would absolutely recommend it!

When the pillow is laying flat (as seen below), you can pull the sides together and fasten the buckle to make the holes smaller for tiny babies.

 photo f490a707-54f9-4a87-9dbc-513f7a6f39ad.jpg



The Twin Z Pillow comes with a very nice and convenient travel bag to store your pillow or make bringing it on the go a cinch! The draw string and shoulder strap add to the convenience of bringing your pillow on the go.

 photo acc12e63-9e35-4fcf-a5b2-a0db35d61601.jpg

 photo df0ddd18-6ee1-4afd-870a-e4541b94fea8.jpg



As you can see from the picture below, the twins have a very difficult time sitting up while positioned in their single pillows. A common problem would be having to constantly adjust them when they fall sideways. The pillows are much thinner and offer significantly less support, therefore not allowing them to sit up comfortably. The twins really enjoy being close to one another and the two single pillows make this a very difficult task.

 photo 0bfdaa08-0296-420d-888f-06794a9ec242.jpg


 photo d2f0b2ef-81dd-447b-9c2a-7699054a2c92.jpg

 photo 195efb87-1557-4d10-9658-532584fee1a7.jpg

The Twin Z Pillow is also perfect for tummy time!

How ADORABLE are these boys!

 photo 194eed93-8e37-4cb8-9353-4edde3c7f947.jpg


Visit the Twin Z Pillow website today to make your purchase!




They offer super soft, washable pillow covers in solid colors (pink, light green, blue, yellow, neon green) and well as covers in designer fabrics (Birdies, VehiclesBlue, Tractors Green, Owls, Flowers, Melon Cubes)




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A special thanks to Michelle for helping make this review possible by volunteering her two adorable sons!



 Enter to win a Twin Z Pillow of your very own HERE!!!!



Here are a few additional pictures of the boys enjoying their Twin Z Pillow!

 photo c4ef50d1-d158-48f2-8f58-fa752266b63d.jpg

 photo ac6b0f23-2f6f-42b5-846c-0e4aefc726ac.jpg

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 photo 0a7f917b-19f3-4b0f-8353-ac7d2e327057.jpg

 photo f2ceee0d-e47a-4902-b57a-04bf559e7bd0.jpg



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

31 thoughts on “Twin Z Pillow Review

  1. What a great idea and for bottle feeding I could never imagine how hard it would be to feed two at the same time. And it has so many multiple uses I love it.

  2. Great review. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting the Twin Z Pillow for my twin girls who are 5 months now. This review has convinced me that this pillow is a must have for twins! The pictures added to my convincing because it was great to see the twin baby boys utilizing this pillow and the benefits it provides to the parents and caregivers.

  3. I love this and would also love to own one! I can see this really coming in handy for having them playing on the floor or playing under the play gym. From the pictures it looks like it is a snug fit, so less worry about rolling around. Love Love Love it!

  4. This pillow looks much safer than the boppy. I also like the convenience of one pillow and not two. Great style, colors, and fabric.

  5. Hi there!!

    I’m interested to buy a bottle prop for my twins and I saw you using it in tandem with the Twin Z pillow. Looks like a perfect fit!

    Whats the brand name of your bottle prop/holder???

  6. Hello,
    I am French and I discovered recently that cousin breastfeeding on the internet because I am expecting twins this summer and I plan to breastfeed as my other three children, and I’m looking for the best comfort possible.This Product is not available in France. So I found your contest, so I try my luck because Z Pillow Twin Twin Nursing Pillow is now truly what I want, it is really convenient and suitable for both baby the same age. It’s great

  7. I have GOT to know what the autofeed bottle holder is. I’m a mom of 3 month old twin boys please I have to have that!

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