Top 5 Travel Activities For Your Children

Top 5 Travel Activities For Your Children

Every year when the summer approaches, I have mixed feelings about our yearly trip to my mother’s place. It is one of the things I look forward to all year long, but when the time comes close I start having panic attacks. A long road trip with two little toddlers on board is something to get nervous about, after all.

Traveling with children can be a little challenging. Kids are restless little people and being confined to one place for a very long time can be extremely difficult for them. Most kids enjoy the first few minutes of the journey, but soon they start getting bored and fidgety. As we all know, kids don’t handle boredom too well.

The trick is to keep them occupied all along the trip. Give them something that will keep them busy. Since kids get bored of one thing quickly, make sure you have a few activity ideas ready, with all the supplies required.

I keep trying new things to keep my kids engaged each time. Some of them fail, but most of the activities keep them entertained. Here are the top 5 activities that you can try with your kids while traveling:

1. Coloring

Kids love to color. Just hand them some colors and a few coloring sheets, and they will be busy for at least an hour or so. Make sure you use dry colors, like crayons and color pencils, to avoid any mess. It will also be helpful to use colors that don’t roll away. I hate to spend time looking for lost crayons in a moving car.

2. Books

Books always help in getting the kids’ attention. They also offer the obvious advantage of learning. Always keep some books with you on your journey. It is better if the book is new and interesting. Having usual books that they read and see at home won’t do the trick. You could try story books with colorful pictures and have some reading time together. You could also try the lift-the-flap board books. These books have an element of mystery to them, and help your kids stay entertained and busy for a long time.

3. Random stationary

If your kids get bored of books, it is time to get their creative energies flowing. Just hand them some random stationary stuff like paper clips, post-its, envelopes, a glue stick, colored papers, and anything that you think would interest your children. Let them spend some time exploring these things. In some time, they will come with some creative ideas to put those things together and make something fun. My little daughter loves to make a necklace out of paper clips. I usually pick the colorful ones for her. My son enjoys sticking colorful post-its together.

4. Magnetic Sketcher

I would really like to meet the guy who invented these magical little things. They are one of the most useful and handy toys kids can have. My kids spend hours scribbling and erasing on these

magic sketchers. They are ideal for traveling too. What’s more, they are mess-free and convenient to carry.

5. Little Presents

I usually buy tiny little things and wrap them up. I promise to give my kids this “reward” if they promise to be “good” all along the journey. I keep them for the last part of the journey, when the kids are all out of patience and the most restless. Trust me, this trick works wonders. It is my most successful travel idea. It need not be anything fancy or expensive. It is just a little surprise that kids are willing to work hard for. It will keep them entertained for the last few miles.

Keeping kids busy while traveling is important to have a peaceful journey. Whether you are traveling by an airplane, a train or a car, these activity ideas will come in handy. Try to avoid very long trips with kids. Break your journey so that they don’t get too restless. Most importantly, try to be patient with kids while traveling. It is probably much more difficult for them than it is for you.

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