5 Ways To Ensure a Camping Trip Goes Smoothly

Camping. The Great Outdoors. We all have fond memories of our camping trips as children, and we want to pass those on to our kids. It can be a fun way to have a lovely vacation and create memories without spending thousands. Your little ones won’t remember the price tag, but they will remember the smiles. Here are five things you should contemplate when planning your trip.


The first one is probably the biggest. The sleeping arrangements. Depending on the size of your family, and age of your kids, it will vary on what type you should buy. However, there are so many choices when it comes to tents. Make sure to pick the one that is closest to your needs – i.e. if you think you might struggle with set-up, maybe a pop-up option would be best. If it is your first time camping, consider borrowing a tent from a friend before committing to purchasing one of your own.

Non electrical toys or activities

We live in an age where nearly every toy or game is electronic. While that is all well and good, there is usually a distinct lack of charging ports on campsites. To avoid the meltdowns that can be associated with the Ipad running out of batteries, best to just totally unplug. There are lots of activities that combine getting fresh air and enjoying yourselves as a family.


Speaking of unplugging, you need to be prepared that the torch on your phone will not be accessible. Nothing quite compares to the fear of hearing a toddler mention their need to pee after dark. Except the fear increasing when you realize you decided to go ‘off-grid’ and leave your cell phone behind. Realistically, you need a reliable source of light after dark, and that usually means investing in an actual flashlight. Using a guide to different types of flashlight, such as can help you decide on the right kind for your needs.

Campsite Features

There are many things to think about when choosing a campsite. Places that are quiet, but with available water and other amenities are ideal. Depending on how authentic you want to make the experience, you can also find sites that have toilets and showers. This may be advantageous if you have a toddler with a penchant for muddy puddles, or you don’t want to walk far for dishwashing.

Nearby Attractions

Unless you are planning to roam around the site and surrounding trails for the whole trip, check out nearby places to visit. If you have traveled to another state, it might be fun to see some of the places that are close by. If you haven’t decided to unplug completely, it might be beneficial to visit somewhere with free Wi-Fi and charging ports to check some emails and get a battery boost (and maybe a soft play area for the kids).

Keeping these all in mind, your trip should hopefully go smoothly. Here are some more tips to make sure any vacation is a stress-free as possible.

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