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Top 3 Cheapest Places for Good Dental Work

Top 3 Cheapest Places for Good Dental Work

Access to good dental care has become a luxury in today’s USA. This is especially problematic considering that medical coverage isn’t what it should be, either. Most Americans need to pay for their dental care themselves and the price tag is steep. Partial coverage only gets you as far as the routine check-ups, but when you actually need extensive dental work done, you’re on your own.

This is why finding good places with affordable dental work has become a necessity, and dental medical tourism a large-scale phenomenon. To help you have a better idea of which is which, we’ve researched the cheapest places for dental work and devised a brief outline of them. In this guide, you will find out a bit about the countries where you get good quality dental work for a much lower price than here.

Finding a place that you can trust to go to is a crucial aspect of getting dental work done abroad. This is why we will not present the cheapest places in the world no matter what, but the cheapest places that also offer great dental work. We feel that it’s important to only include reliable choices in our top. That being said, here are the best places where you can get affordable dentistry.

1. Mexico as a dental tourism destination

In some circles, Mexico can still get a mixed rep on its medical services (see the urban myths about Tijuana doctors that get tossed around), but the truth is their dental services are excellent. For about a third, or even a quarter, of how much you would normally pay in the U.S., you can get high-quality dental work done, from top-notch clinics and competent professionals.

If you want to go to a high-end dental clinic in Mexico for luxury services, you will maybe end up paying about half of how much the same things would cost at an average clinic in America. In other words, a dental tourism trip to Mexico pays for itself and still manages to save you money.

Since you’re traveling to get dental work done, you might as well enjoy yourself and go sightseeing for a few days until your treatment is complete. It’s like a vacation you don’t really have to pay for.

The top dentistry destinations of Mexico:

  • Mexico City
  • Cancun
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Tijuana
  • San Miguel Allende.

How much can you expect to pay for dental services in Mexico:

The prices will, of course, vary a bit from case to case, but as we said, you can usually expect them to be a quarter to a third of U.S. prices.

  • For example, the price of a dental implant is, on average, $1200 in Mexico vs. $4000 in the U.S.
  • Also, a root canal treatment will cost you around $265 in Mexico, while a dental bridge will be around $270.

2. Thailand as a dental tourism destination

Beautiful Thailand isn’t just a place where you can have a great relaxing vacation, but also a smart destination for dental tourism. You may think that Thailand is a bit far away for a round-trip to be justified if you’re only going there for a dental procedure.

However, you will be surprised to find out that the cost of visiting this exotic destination is perfectly covered by the difference in the price of dental services. Most Americans who have traveled to Thailand to fix their teeth reported paying only about a third of what they would have normally had to pay at home.

This means that the price difference for a medium-sized dental order should do more than cover the price of flight and accommodation. So, for a lower price than going to an American dental clinic, you will get the work you need done, and a nice vacation as a bonus.

The top dentistry destinations of Thailand:

  • Bangkok (if you go here be sure to check out the internationally-acclaimed Bangkok International Dental Center)

How much you can expect to pay for dental services in Thailand:

  • A dental implant in Thailand can cost between $480 and $2500, depending on how luxurious the clinic you choose is.
  • Metal braces can cost you between $1,470 and $1,764.

3. Romania as a dental tourism destination

Within the western world, Romania is the cheapest dental tourism destination. The costs of accommodation and life are modicum, and the dentistry is top-notch. Because of decreased living costs and labor costs, you have access to the services of internationally-trained dental professionals for only a fraction of the price that their services would fetch in U.S.

Also, while Romania is indeed far away, it’s more than worth it to plan an entire vacation around this beautiful country, as well as other European destinations. The tourist attractions are amazing and almost everyone speaks English and is friendly.

Romania has been an important destination in dental tourism in the last 40 years, when a lot of Western Europe citizens started traveling here for cheaper dental work. Germans, Brits and plenty of others come to Romania and still manage to save about 30% of their dental expenses, even including the cost of the trip.

The top dentistry destinations of Romania:

  • Bucharest
  • Iasi
  • Cluj
  • Timisoara
  • Constanta

How much you can expect to pay for dental services in Romania:

  • A dental implant can cost you $1000 at a top-rated clinic, but less if you have more than one implant to do and you work with the same clinic.
  • Crowns can start at $250-300, while bridges can be around $300-400.

Have you made up your mind on what dentistry destination you might visit in the future? Our advice is to choose a country where English is spoken well, and this way you could also plan a nice vacation around the dental work you need.

Top 3 Cheapest Places for Good Dental WorkEthel Huizar is a Dental Hygienist and a Co-Founder at HealthRow. She has graduated from Master of Public Health, University of Colorado. While exploring health-related topics, writing and doing research, she aims to inform her readers about the number of ways to lead healthier lives.

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