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Lifestyle tips – mom approved home renovations

Whether you are a stay at home mom, or you have already went back to work, since you have become a mother, you probably spend more time indoors than you used to back in the day. The environment of your home, once you have children around, should provide your family with an increased level of comfort, convenience and safety at the same time. If you haven’t had the chance to change things around the house since becoming a parent, perhaps now it’s time to direct your focus towards some simple switches, like upgrading to thermal curtains, or even useful renovations such as upgrading to neon lights. The following project ideas will upgrade your living environment, providing advantages for both you and your children, so look them over and see if any of them would make a suitable choice for your household:

Indoor playground – give a new purpose to your garage

Lifestyle tips - mom approved home renovations

If you have a spacious garage at your disposal, as most traditional properties offer, and you don’t actually utilize the area to park your car, why not take advantage of the possibility and extend your living space? Children are known to have quite a lot of energy, and you probably can’t keep up with them at all times, so creating a space where they can engage in play, without needing your constant participation or implication will be a wise choice to make. Simply declutter the space, clean the premises with precise care, give the area a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps add a carpet, just to make things even more comfortable. A few bean bags here and there and some age-appropriate toys and games, and you will have put at your kids’ disposal their own private playroom. With this type of home upgrade, you will be giving your children the opportunity to use up all their energy, without even needing to leave home. It will also allow you to keep them busy while you handle other things around the house.

Add an inflatable tub to your yard

Lifestyle tips - mom approved home renovations

With increased responsibilities to handle, it’s only natural for you to often face a higher level of stress. Your home should be the place where you are able to truly unwind, whether you have come back from work, spent all day at the playground with your kids, or had a day filled with household chores. Because you might not have the time necessary to hit the spa as often as you may have in the past, why not create a corner of complete relaxation right in your home? Installing an inflatable tub could be the perfect back yard upgrade, giving you access to a great stress-free zone. Because it’s inflatable, it won’t require a lot of effort for installation, and you can always take it down if you ever want to do something else with the outdoor space. Moreover, it’s a great affordable alternative to a hot tub – the traditional model, so it won’t make a hole in your budget. This is something you can enjoy with the entire family, just make sure you choose carefully where to place it, so your little ones don’t have access to it unsupervised.

Consider opting for an open floor plan

Lifestyle tips - mom approved home renovations

If you have the possibility to make a few structural changes to your house, an open floor plan is one of the things you should consider first. Cooking dinner, but want to keep an eye on the kids playing in the living room? Want your loved ones to have enough room to run around without breaking anything? An open living space could be the perfect answer in this situation.  An interior design style that doesn’t separate rooms with walls will accommodate a large family better, increasing the comfort of the home. Each family member could engage in their chosen activity without feeling separated, and the openness of the space will make it everything more convenient. After looking at a few inspiration photos that capture exactly the practicality of this type of interior design, you will also see how much it can contribute in terms of aesthetics as well. Discuss with a contractor, and find out if it would be possible for your house to go through such a remodeling project.

Replace some of the furniture with more durable alternatives

Lifestyle tips - mom approved home renovations

Instead of always having to watch your kids not damage something around the house or constantly nagging them to be careful when playing, why not be more flexible regarding household rules and simply replace some of the furniture with more durable and sturdy alternatives? From a sofa that doesn’t tear easily, to a coffee table that doesn’t fall over whenever someone bumps into it, make wiser choices with your furnishing, and your living space will not only be kept in a better condition longer, but it will also not present safety hazards. Put non-slippery carpets on the floor, and remove any knick-knacks that could injury your little ones when they are not careful.

Add a splash of color

Lifestyle tips - mom approved home renovations

For your interior to be one that your kids love, as well as one that shows you have children around, you should leave behind dull decoration choices that follow solely a neutral color palette and add colorful touches wherever possible. Whether it’s a funny wall art print, a color book display, some bright curtains or any other option that might suit your taste best, give your home a splash of color and make it seem more lively and child-friendly. This step will change the vibes of the entire home.

These are the projects you can easily pursue not only to ensure the child-friendliness of your home, but to benefit from a few modern and convenient upgrades yourself. From installing a hot tub in your back yard, and thus having the perfect place to relax after a hard day of work and parenting responsibilities to repurposing your  garage, think carefully about these home improvements, and pursue the ones you think would suit your lifestyle best. Once you become a mother, spending more time at home will be inevitable, so why not make the most of it for both you and your little ones?

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