Top 10 Kid-Friendly Activities In New York City

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Activities In New York City

NYC may not appear to be a kid-friendly destination but dig deeper and you’ll find it to be absolutely otherwise. It has a lot to keep your little ones busy for days including interactive museums, massive toy stores, beautiful aquariums, lovely parks with sports facilities and zoos too. All these places deserve a visit, so spend some quality time and give the kids ample time to have fun.

Here are the top 10 kid-friendly activities in New York City:

#1 Bronx Zoo

Kids of all ages will enjoy the world’s largest urban zoo for its range of animals and fun activities. Home to over 600 species from all over the world, visiting animals from all over the world will surely delight the little ones.

#2 American Museum of Natural History

There can’t be a better place than this in NYC to have fun and learn a great deal at the same time! Kids can gaze at dinosaur skeletons for hours, get a close-up view of the giant whale, explore a lot of fascinating rotating exhibits, peek into the solar world and enjoy the wonders of nature from prehistoric times.

#3 New York Aquarium

Give your kid a delightful peek into the aquatic world and make their day. See a wide variety of sea creatures and their playful tricks in big water tanks. Kids can have a close look at animals as varied as penguins, sharks, sea turtles, otters, octopi and more.

#4 Central Park

Fun things are endless at this iconic and perhaps most popular park in NYC. Kids can run through the grass, play in one of the 21 big playgrounds, visit the zoo, interact with animals, go for a spin on the carousel, enjoy a picnic, take a boat ride and sight-see some landmarks.

#5 New York Hall of Science

Learning was never this much fun for kids as it is here at this iconic museum. Over 450 hands-on permanent exhibits will keep little ones engaged for hours on end. Some of the other attractions include a science playground and microscopes.

#6 Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Stir the imagination of your tech-lover kids at this lab and widen their understanding of technology. Your little ones can play with robots, try their hand at animation, learn about the history of technology and have fun through a number of tech powered interactive stations.

#7 Children’s Museum

Take your children to the popular Children’s Museum of Manhattan and let them have great fun. The place has 5 floors of exhibits to give kids a rich peek into different aspects of art and science.

#8 Children’s Museum of the Arts

This Manhattan museum should be on the list to visit as it celebrates ‘art by children’ with an emphasis on ‘art for children’. It houses over 2,000 paintings and drawings to showcase creativity and talent of children from over 50 countries in the world.

#9 Chelsea Piers

This 28-acre mega sports center on the Hudson River is nothing less than a paradise for sporty kids. Top-class facilities are available for virtually all popular real life sports, including golf, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and bowling. Other attractions include yoga, swimming, ice skating, sailing and rock climbing.

#10 Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the first museum in the United States – and according to some, the first one worldwide – that caters specifically to children. The Museum’s permanent exhibits offer boundless opportunities for sensory play and exploration that will encourage children’s social, emotional and physical development. A visit here will definitely be one your children won’t soon forget.

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