Tips To Help You Feel Less Lethargic During The Day

We all want to have the energy to take on the day, every day. However, that’s not something that our bodies will always allow the benefit of. Sometimes, we wake up, and we don’t feel much like seizing the day. Whether that’s down to our mood or perhaps feeling a little less energetic, it’s good to know what it is that’s stopping you from having a productive day. There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve got a full day ahead of you and you’re not feeling it whatsoever. With that being said, here are some tips to help you feel less lethargic during the day.

Eat Often

Your body needs fuel. And sometimes that lack of fuel is maybe what’s causing you to feel the way you do now. We’re told to have three meals a day but if those three meals aren’t substantial to our body’s needs, then it’s not going to be effective in providing our bodies with the energy it needs. So firstly, you’re going to need to look at what you eat currently. A good way of doing this efficiently is by keeping a food diary. Document the food and drinks you consume over the course of a week or two and then assess that diet.

Is there something you’re lacking? Perhaps not enough carbs or too much sugar? These all have an effect on your body in some way, be it a positive one or one that’s a bad influence on the energy levels of your body. Think about changing some of the food or perhaps adding to it or taking it away. Find that balance in getting enough food but making sure that it’s the right stuff your body needs.

When you’re feeling lethargic, it might be that you’re not moderating your food intake properly and having more or less of something than your body needs.

Increase Your Exercise Routine

Exercise is like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. Either way, it’s important to look after your body, and it might be that you’ve simply not found the type of exercise, sport, or workout that you enjoy so much, that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all. It’s hard to imagine that being the case if you’ve got a strong aversion to exercise right now though.

A good way to tackle taking on more exercise is to think about what you’ve enjoyed in the past. If you haven’t enjoyed anything, then you’ve got free reign to do trial and error on random exercises, sports, or classes to see which one takes your fancy. However, if you’ve enjoyed something at school or perhaps found a love for a sport recently but ended up dropping it due to time or other circumstances, pick it back up again.

Exercise can really help you feel energized, even when you don’t feel like doing it. When it comes to exercise, it can really help boost those energy levels to where they need to be. This is something that’s particularly important when you are feeling a little lethargic or low in mood.

Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Your sleep cycle influences how you feel on a daily basis. Get a good night’s sleep, and you can often awake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. But get a bad night’s sleep, and you end up feeling grumpy or perhaps falling asleep on the commute into your workplace.

Improving a sleep cycle can be done in many ways and it depends on what you do now to help yourself fall asleep. Blackout blinds or curtains can be a good start and if not, then a simple eye mask should suffice. Playing relaxing music can also help you drift off to sleep as well as taking supplements like gummy herbs and vitamins. Whatever works for you to help get a good night’s rest is key.

You should be sleeping for at least seven hours, ideally, eight or nine is the amount you want to aim for. Anything less than seven hours of sleep is likely going to do more damage than good to your body. Remember, that sleep helps repair the body and if your body isn’t be repaired, then that could lead to more dire consequences on your quality of life.


Manage Your Stress Levels

Managing your stress levels can really help bring that zen mode that many talk about when they’ve found a happy balance in life. Stress is an emotion that can affect all of us, for some more than others. It can also be an emotion that you can sometimes control, and sometimes, it’s simply out of your hands. 

For example, you could a meeting coming up that’s shooting your anxiety through the roof because you have to present in front of others. That might not be something you enjoy doing, and to an extent, it’s not something you can control. However, a friendship that’s turning toxic and causing you stress – now that’s something you can control.

A good way to manage stress is to cut out the problem where it’s originating from as an example. Another way is to have outlets for that stress. This can be in the form of many things, but the more you have the better. Some might find stress relievers to be going to the gym or doing a spot of retail therapy. It could be reading a new book or watching your favorite television series. It’s all down to you and your personal preference.

Cut Out Caffeine

Caffeine can be a high and a low. It can give you a boost of energy when you need it but then the crash that comes later can make you feel very lethargic. It’s worth cutting out caffeine where you can or at least reducing your intake at the very least. By doing this, you’re going to help your body to create natural energy levels as opposed to the temporary, perhaps artificial, ones that caffeine can provide.

However, caffeine isn’t something that’s easy to cut out and can be quite an addictive substance. Try to wean yourself off it bit by bit, rather than going cold turkey. That’s not likely to help matters or help to quit the caffeine buzz.

Work On Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our mental health and wellbeing are very important and what’s happening in our head, can often be the reason why we’re lethargic. It’s good to focus on how you can improve your mental health, whether that’s talking to others who can help or finding ways to help you feel better. It’s not as simple as saying it as it is doing it. For some, their mental health is something they live with and combat constantly throughout life. And with others, it might be a thing that they can maintain and control better.

We’re all different, and we all think and feel differently too. That’s why it’s good to find your outlets and your ways of coping.

Say No More

It’s very easy to say yes in life but a lot harder to say no. Often enough, we want to make people happy and it can often be to the detriment of ourselves. With that being said, it’s important to try and say no more often than not. If there’s a social event that you’ve been asked to and you’re not necessarily feeling the best energy-wise or in mood, then simply say no. It’s important to recognize when you need time to yourself or simply to recover from whatever has gone on in the previous days.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a great way to help yourself feel more energized, even though you might feel like it’s a bland and basic thing. How can it help your body stay energized? Well seeing as our body is made up of mostly water itself, it’s important that you replenish the water you’ve lost. Ideally, you want to have a liter or two of water every day but obviously, that’s not always possible for everyone. Making a conscious effort to drink more is certainly going to help though in feeling a difference.

If you don’t like drinking water as it is, then add sweeteners to it, be it natural or artificial. Water can really help you feel revitalized for the day ahead and will help your health in many other ways too.

Listen To Your Body

And finally, listen to your body. You know what’s best for it and besides from medical professionals, you are going to likely have the best knowledge of what your body needs and what it doesn’t need. Try to listen to your body more and find solutions to help make you feel better, both inside and out. It’s a life-long lesson to complete but one that’s worth taking up for the sake of your health and your mood.

Feeling less lethargic is definitely something of a benefit so where you can, try to follow these tips to help you feel more energized during the day.

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