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Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

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I recently found myself staring at the empty wall in my living room and trying to come up with creative ways to utilize that space. I eventually found myself on the internet searching an online furniture store for accent tables, and by the end of the evening, I had one ordered.  When the table arrived I was so anxious and excited to get it put together and place it in the living room. Little did I know that the easy part was over and the hard part was about to begin… how was I going to decorate this accent table? I added a few items from around the house that I thought looked nice, but it was still missing something. This led me back to the internet where I came across a website called Pavilion Gift, aand that is how I was able to find all the additional items I needed to make this table complete. There are quite a lot of items you can choose from. Another website I came across was Nesting Dolls, where you can get authentic Russian nesting dolls at a fair price. The perk of online shopping is that you don’t need to ride a plane to get authentic items!

Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

My first tip on how to decorate an accent table is to continue the rooms color scheme and style. I have a lot of black, gold and earthy tones throughout my living room. The Calla Trio candle holder fit perfectly into the living room decor and was an amazing piece! I just love the decorating possibilities this item gives you. Whether you decide to stack or separate them, this piece is true beauty!

Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

My next tip for you is to decorate your accent table in a way that it makes it impossible for clutter to pile up. I have three kids and for some reason, every ends table and counter space is their storage space for items that don’t have a home. Last weeks homework, a new action figure, sippy cups… all items that can quickly consume the surface of any accent table. That is why I have strategically arranged my decorations so that the kids can’t place items on the table. One of my favorite decor items is the rattan candle holder, made with ceramic and glass.

Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

You also want to make sure you have something to protect the surface of your accent tables. Just the other day my husband placed a cup of ice water on the entertainment stand and a few hours of it being left there caused damage to the surface. These stunning coasters have been a simple and stylish solution to protecting the furniture in the home. The fragments within the coasters are from slate and mosaic glass items including picture frames, candle holders, plaques, wall decor and wind chimes. These are by far the most unique coasters I have owned and I am always proud to display them throughout the home when they’re needed.

Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

Another thing to keep in mind is that accent tables are especially known for gathering dust and needing a weekly cleaning. Avoid adding items to your table that are going to be difficult and time consuming to clean and dust. All those bird figurines and picture frames are just going to cause lots of hassle when cleaning time comes around. Try using your shelf space for simple items like this decorative bowl. The saying displayed within the bowl us probably one of my favorite features, aside from the gorgeous heart etchings along the rim of the bowl.

Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

My last bit of advice? Keep it simple, less is more! You by no means need to display each and every decorative item you own in one location. The simplicity is much more appealing to the eye. Play around with your pieces, move them around and see how it looks for the day. Don’t like how it looks? Rearrange things and let that stay as is for a few days and see if you are more fond of the new arrangement. I must have relocated my glass mosaic candle tray a half dozen times before it found its final resting place. This is yet another item that features fragments, in this item it contains a collection of high quality crackled glass items including candle trays, display dishes, picture frames and more.

Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

I hope this post has inspired you to take that accent table you are unhappy with and redecorate it in a way you love. Make sure to stop by Pavilion Gift if you are in need of some new items to revamp that accent table!

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15 thoughts on “Tips On How To Decorate Accent Tables

  1. I really like your idea of making sure accent tables can’t collect clutter. That is a currently a big problem in my house. I try to make sure the tables get cleaned off every week and I like having a place to set my stuff. However, it is probably better not to have that space. I can put my figurines there and my family and I will just have to deal with having to put our things away.

  2. I really like your tip about making sure that you have something to protect the surface of your accent tables. My husband and I have been thinking about redecorating for a while now so we will have to keep these tips in mind. We are really excited to get the process started, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the tips you have for decorating accent tables. We have one of those in our entryway, and two in our living room, and they look so plain! I love how you said to use decorating to cover up the space, so it can’t get cluttered with random stuff. That’s genius.

  4. I agree that at times simplicity is much more appealing to the eye. Not only will it help give the home a spacious and refreshing look but it will also save up some cash from purchasing too many decorative. I’ll be keeping this in mind for future redecorations. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

  5. It was really nice how you suggested making that decoration simple and that less is more because if the table was overly decorated, then it will look forced and exaggerated. I will keep that in mind for when I redecorate not only the accent table but the entire house. I was planning to do it next month, but I decided to research first because I want to know the right way to choose the decor and accent decor. Now I have an idea. Thank you for sharing!

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