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Tips for Turning Your Garage Into a Home Office

Garages are used by households for endless purposes; they host workout equipment, toys, storage space, and occasionally a car or two. Your garage is also a perfect space to turn into a home office. With remote work becoming more popular every year and more people taking on creative hobbies after their 9-5, home offices have become an important asset in any house. It’s reported that adding a home office to your house can increase its value by 10%.

The beauty of turning your garage into your home office is that you’ll be freeing up space in your house while also allowing yourself a separate space for your work. However, garage renovations can get expensive. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average for garage conversions into home offices is around $15,000. It’s important to assess your budget before starting your conversion and renovation and speak to experts in the field to assess how you can make the most of your budget. With the right budget and project outline, your garage can easily become your dream home office. Below, we’ve put together five tips for those who are looking to turn their garage into their home office.

Make Functional Repairs

Before you can move anything into your home office, start your renovation with functional repairs. Garages are heavily trafficked areas; they offer access to the home and back and front yard spaces. Due to this nature, they tend to take a beating or at least are one of the last spaces to have renovations made to them.

For example, Garage door repair should be a key priority if yours shows any sign of weakness. Look into making them as strong as possible, for example, you may need a new motor system or to replace the hinges.

Lighting in your garage will most likely be sparse. If the place is lacking windows, think about adding one to the renovation. If adding a window is out of budget, hanging a mirror across from doorways with light can enhance the space’s natural light. Think about installing ceiling lights, and depending on the temperature where you live, a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can help the circulation in your newly renovated home office.

Lastly, focus on your floors. Garage floors are typically made of concrete or a type of plastic over concrete. Buffing out the floors and adding some rugs is a great option for a lower-budget renovation. If you can afford to, think about adding wood or wood vinyl, to give your home office a sleek and professional look.

Clean The Space Thoroughly

Decluttering your garage has to be a top priority before you can begin turning it into a home office. Break down your garage into sections to make the task easier on you and your helpers. Have a donation bin, a keep bin, and a trash bin on hand while going through the items in your garage. We suggest taking everything out of the space before moving anything into it. It’s better to start planning your home office with a blank space, and removing everything can give you a better idea of the true dimensions of the room. Make sure you wipe down surfaces and give the place an overall cleaning before bringing in your new furniture, electronics, and decorations.

Don’t Over Decorate

When renovating garages, a mistake many people make is to over decorate the space to try to make it feel less like a garage. If you lean into what you have rather than trying to hide it behind layers of fabric and furniture, you’ll create a space that’s much more conducive to your work and overall lifestyle. Pick a decorating theme, color, etc., and stick to it.

Add Plants

Adding a little greenery to your workspace is a perfect way to accent your new space while also reaping the benefits of plants. Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson studied the effects of adding plants to office spaces. Humans have a built-in need to be surrounded by nature and natural life forms. Some of the few benefits noted from adding plants to your office are reduced stress, increased creativity, cleaner air, and an overall sense of increased focus.

Look Into Security

You’re going to want to secure your new home office. Chances are your office will be filled with expensive electronics. Make sure any home security system you may already have installed is updated to include your garage. Add new locks to the doors and look into getting a high-alert security system for your garage doors. Security systems such as Ring or Simplisafe are easy to install and offer video surveillance options.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Turning Your Garage Into a Home Office

  1. I like the idea of adding live plants. Yes, they are good natural air purifiers. Some plants even remove toxins from the air and regulate humidity level.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Garage conversion is one of the most budget-friendly home additions. Since a core structure is already in place, less work has to go into this process, equating to a cheaper project overall.

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