Excuses To Throw a Summer Party

The end of the year is a long way off, and no one you know is celebrating a birthday any time soon. Though a cause for celebration may not be anywhere near the horizon, the ingredients for a good time may be close at hand, so why not create a reason to party, if there is none?

If none of the usual celebration days are close, you can create an excuse to call your loved ones together for a summer bash. If there’s anything the COVID-19 pandemic taught folks, it’s to cherish every moment in the company of the people you love. So, in the spirit of savoring opportunities to have a good time with friends and family, here are some reasons to throw a party this summer.

Getting a Raise or Pay Increment

Any extra coin into the coffers should be celebrated in these tough economic times. The celebration will be even sweeter if the extra coin is a reward for a year’s hard work. Instead of doing it during the regular after-work convocations at your favorite bar, why not have a fully-fledged party?

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard and some fireside skills, your friends won’t need a second invitation to be in attendance. You can choose to keep it an adults-only shindig filled with music and alcohol or make it a family affair so your kids can join in celebrating your success.

Passing a Test or Exam 

When your nights of intense study into the night finally pay off, you need to let your hair down. Let the rewards of what you’ve spent hours trying to achieve in solitude be celebrated in the open over a few drinks, good food, and laughter.

You don’t have to have graduated after defending a Ph.D. thesis to call your loved ones together in celebration. You could simply have passed your driving test (yes, people do fail driving tests). Even if your child has won a spelling bee contest, this can be reason enough to pop open the soda cans and stuff your faces with cake.

A Sporting Achievement

Did your beloved NBA franchise win the conference finals or the big prize itself? That’s reason enough to break out the beer cans and throw some steak on the grill. It will be a time for you and fellow fans to shout about your team’s awesomeness. And gloat over your friends whose teams yours crushed en route to the trophy.

A better idea would be to call your friends over on the day of the final. Order a stack of pizzas and ensure the icebox is well stocked. Though you stand a chance of ending the night in misery if your team loses, it will still have been an epic evening.

Workout Milestones

It’s one thing to set out ambitious fitness goals at the beginning of the year after a holiday of over-indulgence. It’s quite another to have the discipline to follow through with the actual regime. 

After a week or two of sweat, pain, and tears, many throw up their hands. But, if you’ve stuck it out for a whole month, you need to appreciate yourself.

And what better way to do that than with friends over your favorite cocktails and scintillating conversation? This is your chance to indulge in all the yummy stuff you’ve been denying yourself to get into shape. Call it your cheat day, only that this time, you will get a little help as you indulge.

Going Away Party 

Partings are usually painful times when it dawns on you that someone who has been an integral part of your life will no longer be there. While the departure of a dear friend usually ends in tearful goodbyes, you can steal an opportunity before then to celebrate the good times you shared in the past.

The celebration doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. You won’t need to share birthday invitations or go to the expense of decorating or bringing in professional caterers. Instead, call a few friends over a potluck and some good wine and have a few laughs as you reminisce on the times you shared. It will be a summer evening well spent.

There’s Always a Reason

There are tons of other great excuses to mark a memorable summer bash. You could finally overcome your fear and do something you’ve always wanted, or you could finally nail a coveted recipe. Whatever the occasion, as long as there’s good food, a few drinks, and the prospect of a good time, you won’t miss a crowd.

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