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Tips for Setting Up a Practical Yet Pretty Nursery

If your first baby is arriving sometime soon, now’s the time to design and set up a special space for them in your home. When you have a spare bedroom available, you can design a nursery just for them.

However, with so many decisions to make when it comes to decorating this part of your house, it’s easy for the project to become overwhelming. Adding in pregnancy hormones doesn’t help with the stress, either! You will get things in order and be organized for the day you bring bub home, though, if you follow a few proven steps to achieving a practical yet pretty nursery.

Keep Décor Neutral

While you want some color in a nursery, it pays to avoid going overboard in this respect. Make sure the baby’s space is soothing and calming. Too many bright colors everywhere, or an overload of different patterns, is distracting.

Choose a Theme

It’s not a must that you pick a theme for your baby’s room, but choosing a single concept to base decorations around is handy. It helps you to narrow your focus when designing the space. It also makes it easier to create a cohesive design that’s tied together by a common theme.

When choosing the thread that ties everything together, consider something that won’t be outdated once your child becomes a toddler. You might intend to redecorate once the baby is walking, but the reality is probably going to be that you’re too busy to do so. As such, pick something that will last for a few years.

Think about How You’ll Use the Space Yourself

Since you’ll use it so much too, consider your needs when planning the room’s layout and inclusions. For example, one of the main products new moms require is a comfortable glider. This spot is where you’ll feed, burp, soothe and rock your baby to sleep. Choose something suitable for your body size and helpful to your back. It should be contoured, fit your frame, have well-positioned or flexible armrests, and enable you to stretch out.

You also need a crib and changing table at the right height for you. Don’t strain your back each time you place your baby down or bend or reach at awkward angles. With regards to cribs, it pays to go for models that allow you to adjust the mattress height over time, as baby grows. Position the crib away from the bedroom door, too, so you can peek in to check on your little one without waking them.

As for the changing table, consider something that comes with a built-in diaper caddy or another storage system, or that can have something added to it. Alternatively, position the table next to a dresser or closet so you can grab supplies and new outfits easily.

Get Practical Regarding Baby’s Bed Setup

You likely have a strict budget in place for your nursery set up. As such, choose where to invest your money and where you can opt for cheaper products. One place to pay for quality is the baby’s bed. Life as a new parent revolves around baby’s sleeping patterns, so you want to do everything you can to ensure they rest as soundly as possible.

Choose a crib that meets all current safety standards. If you’re not planning to have any other children, it pays to buy a product that converts to a toddler bed later. Some cribs even grow to full-size beds. This functionality gives you use out of the crib for longer. If you do plan to have more kids, though, it’s best to buy a gender-neutral piece.

Also, choose a plush new mattress that meets safety standards, and that’s hypoallergenic. There are many organic and otherwise sustainable and healthy mattresses on the market these days that help to reduce allergies and are less chemically-laden. Many mattresses grow with a baby, too.

Plus, it pays to buy a quality crib protector that will protect the mattress from moisture and help it to last longer. You’ll also need multiple fitted crib sheets to have on hand, and other bedding to keep baby warm. Where possible, choose soft-to-the-touch pieces made from natural, breathable fabrics to keep your bub’s sensitive skin happy.

Having a new baby is a fun yet stressful and physically demanding time for a mother. Enjoy the process of setting up your newborn’s nursery, though, by following the tips above and ensuring the space works for you and your little one for the coming years.

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