Now’s the Perfect Time to Make Some Plans

What better thing to do when you are stuck at home than plan your next social gathering? Being pregnant is a very exciting and emotional time for expectant parents. When you are kept from interpersonal activities with friends and family, your pregnancy can feel very solemn and alone. Don’t let social distancing get you down, instead, look at this as the perfect time to plan your gender reveal party.

If you are asking yourself, “When do you find out the gender of a baby?” it depends on which method you use as to when you can find out. Typically, most people are able to learn the gender of the baby during the ultrasound performed at 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, with newer at-home methods, expectant parents can learn the gender of their babies as early as 8 weeks!

Newer Trends

Gender reveal parties are a fairly new concept that seems to be a quite popular way for expecting parents to learn and share the sex of their unborn child with friends and family simultaneously. So how does it all work? Doctors will typically write down the sex of the baby. The expectant parents, with the help of a close friend or family member, take the note to a bakery to order either pink or blue cupcakes. They also do other fun activities like fill a box with a specific color balloon that signifies the sex of the unborn child. The element of surprise and then revealing to everyone, at the same time, what gender the new parents are expecting, can be a great atmosphere for parents and guests alike. 


Planning a gender reveal party can be as simple or involved as you would like or that your budget allows. One of the first things you have to decide is what the theme of your party will be. The most straightforward way to decorate for your party is to use pink and blue. Everything from napkins to party favors can be kept simple by just going with pink and blue. 

You should send out your party invitations at least two weeks before you want to have your event. What type of invitations you want to use is a personal preference. If you are trying to be frugal, you can take advantage of social media or using online invitation services for little to no cost. If you want to invest some of your downtime, which can also keep expenses lower than custom-made invites, you can make the invites yourself. By making the invitations, you’re adding a personal touch that allows you to share your creative flair. 

Timeless Memories

By sharing your special event with those you love, you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. Perhaps this could even be the perfect opportunity to get in contact with old family and friends that you have lost touch with and reconnect. A people search can help with this if you have misplaced contact details over time. If you have other children, be sure to include them in your festivities as well. You don’t have to use a cake or balloons to reveal the gender of the baby, you could instead have your trusted helper place either blue or pink socks in a box and allow the big brother or sister to share the big news. 

Not only is it a good idea to have the moment of reveal captured on video, but take it a step further and engage the guests. Have everyone leave a personalized message for the expectant parents and/or new baby to watch after the party is over. Having such a personal account of a special day will be a priceless memory to share down the road at the child’s graduation or wedding. Don’t forget to make your party fun by engaging your guests. Be sure to have gender-related games or raffles with small gifts as prizes. 

Use your time to your advantage. Decide the details of your party and get excited about planning such a memorable event with those you are the closest to.

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