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Tips For Saving on Your Internet Bill

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We moved to the south a little over seven years ago and one of the biggest changes was switching to a new internet provider. Xfinity was not an option where we previously lived, so I knew nothing about this company and how good of a service they provided. Signing up with Xfinity while we still lived in a different state (we wanted to make certain we had internet as soon as we moved into the new house) was relatively easy.  After using this company for as long as we have, I have discovered that it is pretty simple to save money with them and they love helping their customers find a plan that works for them!

Tip #1: Adjust your package

I have found that our Xfinity package changes a lot with our lifestyle. Before streaming services were a big thing, my kids really enjoyed watching all of the kid channels on cable television… so I always made sure we had cable with their favorite channels. As my kids got older and streaming services because more popular, we decided to ditch the cable and stick with streaming. This ended up saving us a ton of money because we were essentially paying for something we weren’t even using. My husband was travelling a lot for a few years and I was adamant about having their Xfinity security system. Now that my husband works mostly from home, I didn’t feel this service was necessary and we adjusted our package so it did not include it. With two adults working from home now and our kids doing a lot more virtual learning, we adjusted our package to have faster internet. Life changes… and Xfinity is amazing to work with when your cable/internet package just doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore. Don’t be afraid to shop their deals and see how you can save! If you would rather do some research and see which deals are available, you can always check out Slickdeals do find all the recent Xfininty coupons and deals. 

Setup Automatic payment

Did you know that Xfinity gives you a discount for setting your account up with automatic payment? If you are looking for a simple way to save and an easy way to never forget to pay your bill on time, then automatic payment is the option for you! Life can get pretty crazy at times and we have all forgotten to pay a bill one time or another… but forgetting to pay the internet bill is one you do not want to forget. Setting up that automatic payment options is a guaranteed way to ensure that your internet will never get shut off and it’s also such an easy way to save money on your bill each month!

Bundle your service

A lot of times you can save money on your bill by simply bundling your service. If you are using a cable company that is different from your internet… or still using a landline phone in your house… your most cost-effective option is to bundle these services with one provider. You can score some deep discounts by signing up for multiple services with one provider and you will also have a much easier time keeping track of your bill and household expenses. Don’t over complicate things, stick to as many services with one provider and you are going to save both money and your sanity!

Your internet bill doesnt have to be expensive! Do your research and make sure you check back in with your service provier a few times a year to see what new deals they have to offer! 

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