Easy Recipe Ideas to Make This Summer in Your Alfresco Pizza Oven

Did you know that you do not have to be restricted to just pizza when thinking of what to make in your pizza oven? There is any number of dishes with just as many variations that would have very satisfactory results when created in an alfresco pizza oven.

If you are feeling adventurous, you want to try something new, or would simply like some inspiration for what you can create in your pizza oven, then why not give these recipes a try and see what results you attain?

Smoked Fish

Smoking fish in a pizza oven can produce very special meals. To achieve smoked fish that will leave you in awe, start with a good fish selection. You do not have to be restricted to a particular type of fish, salmon, grouper, halibut, or whatever is available will work well as long as you are careful to take into account all the recommended best practices for the particular fish.

Once your fish has been selected, season as you would and add herbs and aromatics to build and maintain flavour. To smoke, wrap your fish snugly in the cooking paper. You should then wet the bundle entirely before placing the wrapped fish in the oven to smoke for up to 45 minutes. A point of note in this process is to keep the fish as far from the direct flame as you can. It will cook using indirect heat and smoke.


Making a good steak in a pizza oven is a fairly simple process. Season your steak as you ordinarily would, then place it in the oven close to, or right on top of the flame. For best results, place the steak on a grill grate for more even heat distribution. Once this is done, you only need to monitor your steak to ensure that you have cooked it to your preferred level of doneness.


Cooking vegetables in a pizza oven can give very flavourful results. Select a variety of vegetables, from corn, to zucchini or mushrooms, carrots, peppers or onions. The variety and quantities are entirely up to you. 

Rub olive oil and sprinkle some salt onto the vegetables. Find a dish that preferably has a drip pan which can be placed below. Arrange the vegetables on the dish and place it in the centre of the oven. Remove when the vegetables have cooked well and serve.


You can make either vegetarian or meaty kebabs, depending on your wishes and preferences. Select the ingredients you would like to use, like strong vegetables that would hold to being skewered, or meat that has been well marinated. The combinations that you come up with are limited only by your selections. Do not hesitate to experiment with varying flavours. Place the kebabs on a tray that can catch drippings to offset excess mess.

With all these choices at hand, you will not lack for something new that you can attempt to create in your alfresco pizza oven. This equipment is truly a versatile piece that will help you broaden your culinary horizons and take it to heights you had not fathomed before. Take the chance to explore and try new things. After everything has been considered and all else fails, you can always go back to basics and just make pizza.

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