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Tips For Planning Your Wedding On A Budget

Tips For Planning Your Wedding On A BudgetIf you want to get married but do not have enough funds, does not mean you should give up on the idea. It just mean you have to be frugal about it.

Many couples drive themselves into debt by planning very expensive weddings they cannot afford. If you are already in debt, seek the help from professionals like Debt Academy, and take control of your situation without having to take out a new loan or file for bankruptcy.

Let’s go back to our topic. Here are some tips that will help you to plan a budget-friendly wedding without getting into debt:

Have Fewer Guests

Although you might feel tempted to include everyone you know on your guest list, doing so is not a great idea. With every addition you make, you will require a larger budget and your event will be less intimate. Do not feel obligated to invite people you have only met once or do not know very well.

Seek For Help, Not Gifts

If your friends have musical talent, consider asking them to perform at your wedding as a gift. This will lower your entertainment budget significantly and make them feel special. If your friend is a caterer, ask him/her to prepare food for your wedding instead of giving you a wedding gift you might not need.

Asking your friends and family to offer their talents is the best way to reduce your budget.

Buy Dresses Off The Rack

If you are wondering what to wear on your wedding day, look for dresses that are on sale. To avoid piling on the expenses, forego the custom dress that costs a fortune.

You do not need an expensive wedding dress you will only wear once. To minimize arguments within your bridal party, make plans early enough to give them plenty of time to choose their gowns.

Stock The Bar

Alcohol is a big expense at weddings, which means you should stock your own bar to cut on costs. Instead of going with a full open bar, offer wine and beer to your guests and throw in a free cocktail hour. If you are having the wedding at a function hall, make sure to book one that allows you to supply your own drinks.

Just remember that buying a keg is more cost efficient than opting for cases. However, any leftover keg beer will go to waste but cases can be stored for future events. Overestimate the number of beers you need to avoid running out mid-ceremony.

Plan A Simple Honeymoon

As fun as over-the-top honeymoons sound, it will be cheaper to stay closer to home. You need to focus on what matters: unwinding after spending months planning the wedding. Therefore planning a destination honeymoon that requires you to board an 18-hour flight will not be helpful.

If you are just happy to be in the company of your spouse, you can even spend your honeymoon visiting the local sights. This will leave you with enough money to start a new life together.

Involve Your Family/Friends In The Preparations

If you are coming up with cheap wedding ideas, you need to include your close family and friends in the brainstorming sessions. They might have very good ideas that will help you save money. For instance, they might know a good vendor who is willing to offer you a deal.

Do Not Mention A Wedding When Hiring Vendors

You might be surprised to learn that most vendors charge exorbitant rates for weddings. To avoid this, leave out the wedding part until after you get a quote. For instance, you can say you want a cake for a hundred people to see how much the vendor normally charges.

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