The Most Exciting Medical Technologies You Should Watch Out For

2016 heralded medical technology that was unimaginable before; augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable devices with smart algorithms for analyzing data. Amazing technologies are making their way in amazing ways. We have so many good inventions that help in our daily life like truck seat cushion.

A futurist does not make bold predictions about the future since no such big bet can take humanity ahead. However, analyzing current trends that shape the future gives you a good picture of what will happen in a couple of months, not years. Without further delay, here are the biggest medical technologies you should be on the lookout for in near future.

Oncology Benefits From Precision Medicine

Digital technology is set to transform cancer care techniques on the market. Startups such as Foundation Medicine are leading the way in personalized oncology as the company intends to introduce cancer genomics into cancer care, providing information to be used for patient specific treatments based on cancer patients DNA-tests. SmartPatients seeks to change cancer care by empowering the patients via online communities.

Immunotherapy advances are likely to herald a new era of cancer treatment. In 2016, liquid biopsy was a huge thing and it’s now accessible for patients all over the world; while there are technological limitations, it is getting better. For instance, a blood sample has to be obtained before chemotherapy starts or detecting cancer cells will be hard. There is so much that has changed or is changing with the help of technology. Check to know how to become a medical technologist.

Driverless Cars With Health Sensors

As the future unfolds, it’s time you prepare for the spreading of vehicles with automated functions. Uber is already offering self-driving cars in Pittsburgh and is working with Volvo to replace drivers with robots. Already Volvo trucks are going through Europe without human drivers – how awesome is that!

Parallel with these advancements, car manufacturers are fitting their vehicles with a ton of sensors. Tesla, Volvo and Uber have added health sensors under the driver’s seat. In the future, you can expect such cars to be the point-of-care. Your primary caregiver, such as the Riverside Med Group, can receive the data from these sensors for better treatment.

NASA And SpaceX To Create A Health Masterplan For Reaching Mars

The SpaceX rocket project has roused hope for fans of space flights. One of the biggest obstacles to getting to the Red Planet and installing the right life conditions has always been the current state of healthcare. In the coming months, SpaceX and NASA will realize they require a revolutionary masterplan for space travel and the transportation industry that also transcends into the digital realm.

Big Tech Companies Stepping Into Health

If you are thinking about IBM, Microsoft, Apple, and Google and the interest they have expressed in healthcare and medicine, you are right! Google is already in the field with Calico and looking for possible cures to ageing and anything that’s likely to lead to death. In collaboration with pharma giant Abbvie, the company is accelerating discovering, developing and commercializing new therapies.

The race is not set to tone down; on the contrary, expect it to increase. Already various tech gadgets like mobile apps, wearable devices and tags, are already been used for collecting critical data during the research phase of medicines and various treatment methods before their release to the market.

Diabetes Management Welcomes A New Era

The US FDA in 2016 went through the process of approving the world’s first artificial pancreas. The device is capable of monitoring your blood sugar and supply insulin automatically, replication the healthy version of the organ and enabling diabetes patients to live an easy life sustainably. This is a big step in diabetes management.


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