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Tiny Love: Follow Me Fred Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

    A special thanks to John Paul for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

 Tiny Love

About Tiny Love

“Tiny Love® is a multiple award-winning global toy and baby product manufacturer which was founded in 1991 by Shoshi and Isaac Oren, entrepreneurs who had built the largest chain of baby supplies and toy stores in Israel. They began branching out into the field of developmental toys by focusing on creating toys and accessories to promote and maximize baby’s development from birth through 12 months. Today, our products are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.”

Follow Me Fred

Multi-stage crawling companion in the shape of an adorable puppy

  • Baby-activated electronic dog encourages baby to crawl by barking and playing a friendly tune.
  • Flexible middle allows Fred to turn in circles.
  • Promotes fine motor skills, cognitive and emotional abilities.
  • Adjustable speed control.


My Review

Follow Me Fred is an bright, fun and adorable puppy that encourages your little one to be mobile. Fred contains so many little features that allows your child to experience different sounds and textures. The crinkly noise that the ears make is always a favorite of any baby, there is just something about that sound that intrigued their growing minds. When your baby isn’t quite ready to crawl, you can place Follow Me Fred in circular mode. The toy will then alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise when your baby touches it. The delightful music and slow movement will peek baby’s interest and encourage them to reach forward and eventually to start crawling. Overall this is a fantastic product and a must have toy for all babies out there ready to start crawling but just need a little encouragement. This is a must have item that baby would love to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!

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