Time For Training – When Is Ideal Time To Start Dance Lessons?

You little ones are beginning to show their unique personalities. Their eyes are full of wonder and they have no fear. Ready or not, they are absorbing everything around them. Their little minds are like sponges. As their parent, it is time to expose them to wonderful experiences that will help them establish high self-esteem and core values that they will carry them throughout their lives.

Perhaps you are a dance-trained parent. If you were, you were given a great gift. Training a child in dance does so much for them. It pulls back the curtain between reality and the arts. It teaches a child the depth and power that music brings us. It establishes the joy of reaching for the stars and with the help of a team, the joy of success. You are anxious to introduce your child to that world, but when are they “ready”.

What do you want to gain?

When children are very young, they are pliable. They have limited attention spans, and they learn from repetitive exercises. If you are using dance as a jump-off point to other things, this can work very well for them. If you just want to give a toddler some exercises that are adorable and a recital that you can record for their memory book, then a ballet class will be the best way to achieve your goal. The age of the student is determined by the instructor. The youngest children admitted into the class is around 2 ½ years old. The range is usually between 2 ½ and 4-years old.


Level Up

If you are considering training as a way to begin your child’s creative journey through life, then you need to set a plan. Your child will start class at around 3 years old. They will progress through the initial class and recital as the “short timers” do, but the recital will not be the completion of their training. Working with your child’s instructor and your preferences, you will decide where your child will go. Most experts agree ballet is critical for a young dancer. It is focus driven, physically demanding, and it will prepare their body for branching out in future classes. In ballet, all of their muscles are used and conditioned.

Young children actually learn faster than those out of their toddler range. It is easier to teach a young child to speak a new language. Dance is very much like a language. It is a way to communicate with others. This is why a ballerina can touch your soul and convey the message of the performance. It takes a true performer to be able to communicate with an audience and leave the emotions with them. This is a sign of maturity that has nothing to do with age.

What you need to know

It takes from 10 to 12 years of training and conditioning for a dancer to be a company-ready dancer. This encourages parents to involve their children during their toddler years. The human body is much easier to train if the training begins a few years before they hit puberty. As with everything else in life, puberty can be a frustrating time. Your child is growing and developing at warp speed and they usually are not happy about it.


Where you purchase your dance gear matters. You can pick up a cheap pair of tights at any big box store, but those tights do only one thing, cover the legs. Dance experts like are industry leaders in dance. They provide the best gear because they know the importance of having quality. Tights that are made for dance fit tightly enough that the instructor can see if the dancer is turning an odd way during a performance. This helps them to target areas that need improvement before the child gets injured.

If you have questions about anything your child needs, there is someone available to help you. Your child is in training. This means they are learning a new skill. Give them the tools they need to succeed. They will shine well beyond their years.

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