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The Essential Guide To Fashion On A Budget

As a budding fashionista, it can seem like keeping up with the latest fashion can be at odds with living on a budget. As quickly as the trends come in, they go back out of style, which makes it difficult to keep up to date when your finances can only stretch so far. So what if I told you that it’s perfectly possible to be on trend and stay out of debt? It’s all about intelligent shopping.

Know when to splurge

Some wardrobe staples simply don’t have to cost much money. Strap tops, socks, and plain tees are all easy to get hold of for a couple of dollars, they’ll last, and nobody can tell that they’re from trusty Target and not Versace. When the majority of your outfit cost very little, you’ve got the opportunity to splurge on more statement pieces. And when you get these splurge pieces from designer outlets, rather than straight off the shelf, you’ve got yourself another bargain. It will also be helpful to read online reviews sites to ensure the products you’re buying are high quality. Honest Product Reviews is a great example of one such site.

Shop smart

Why pay full price for anything when you don’t have to? Designer outlets such as Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th Ave are great for grabbing an on-trend bargain. And when you’re really proactive and spend some time researching coupon codes and vouchers online before you hit the shops, you’re guaranteeing yourself some great shopping. Check out websites like for voucher codes that can really help your money go further. And always keep your ear out for sample sales – signing up to fashion mailing lists in your city is a great way to be kept in the loop about the latest event, and you’ll be sure to pick up some beautiful pieces at a fraction of their recommended price. You can also find affordable various push UP jeans on Tally-Weijl online store.

Take good care of your clothes

Once you’ve got yourself some beautiful clothes, however much you spend on them, take good care of them. Not only is it obviously more economical to keep your clothes looking as good as new for as long as possible, but you’re also going to look a whole lot smarter when your clothes are in good nick. Ensure you own at least a lint roller and a fabric shaver to keep your items looking as good as new. And give your footwear some TLC too – a cobbler can resole shoes at a fraction of the price of a new pair, and it keeps them looking smart too.

Avoid going over elaborate

When you’re shopping on a budget, try to keep the majority of your clothing fairly plain. Anything too detailed runs the risk of looking cheap, staining your skin, or just falling apart. An everyday blazer can be brought up to date with shiny new buttons, and if you’re opting for faux leather shoes, faux suede generally looks more expensive than normal faux leather. Bring color and patterns into your clothing with statement pieces which cost a little bit more money – at least that way you’re guaranteeing their quality and longevity.

Looking great on a budget is all about shopping smart, and knowing when to save and when to splurge. Good luck.

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