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Heart of the Home: Update Your Kitchen with the Latest in Home Decor Trends

Is it time to refresh the appearance of your kitchen? Maybe it’s been several years since you made any changes to the décor of your kitchen. If you’re thinking it’s time to make some changes there are lots of appealing trends that can give your kitchen an inviting new look. Check out seven décor trends to give your kitchen a fresh dose of style.

Colorful Upholstery

The first trend has to do with the upholstery in your kitchen. If you have a kitchen table, think about getting some new chairs with seat covers in bright blue, green or even pastel yellow. Or, perhaps you have a kitchen island in need of a set of stools. Consider stools with cushions in a rich color such as royal purple, Kelly green or deep gold. If you have an upholstered bench in your kitchen, you may want to select a brilliant orange or red. To take this trend a step further, paint your kitchen in an attractive shade of color, then choose a color for your upholstered chairs, stools or kitchen bench that complements your walls. This idea brings even more harmony to the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Pendant Light Fixtures

A line of pendant light fixtures hanging above a kitchen island is a common sight in today’s most stylish kitchens. You can find them with shades in a variety of styles. Maybe you want pendant lights with frosted glass shades shaped like bells. Or, maybe you prefer pendant lights with sleek diamond-shaped shades. There are pendant lights with long, rectangular shades and some with dome-shaped shades. Pendant lights provide you with plenty of light in the kitchen and can help you express your sense of style at the same time. Some pendant lights are even adjustable so you can determine how much light you need.

Glass Shelves

Install some glass shelves in your kitchen and you’re going along with another fun decor trend. You can put dishes, teacups, spices or any other appealing items on your shelves. The shelves themselves are decorative and the items on them make them even more of a highlight in your kitchen area. If you have a breakfast nook, you can put glass shelves up near it to serve as a place for napkins, salt, pepper and other items family members need as they’re having a meal or a snack in the breakfast nook. One of the best things about glass shelves is they reflect the natural light coming from a nearby window or perhaps a skylight in your kitchen to give the space an airy atmosphere.

Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tile is another trend that can add color and excitement to the décor of your kitchen. You can install a backsplash made of real tile or you can opt for peel and stick tile to make the

job easier. Not surprisingly, backsplash tile is available in many designs and colors. You can get a color that serves as a dramatic contrast to your wall color. Or, you could get tile made to look like glass to reflect the natural light in the space. Interlocking diamonds, cubes or ovals are just three of the many shapes you’ll find in a selection of backsplash tile. This trend may be the one that allows you the most creativity in the décor of your kitchen.

Stylish Cabinets

The cabinets you choose for your kitchen can be the highlight of the space. A pantry cabinet style is a popular décor trend in many kitchens. This type of door gives depth to the appearance of a cabinet and adds interest to space. White cabinets are a popular choice because they serve as a beautiful backdrop to colorful tile floors, painted walls, pastel, vintage-looking appliances and more. In addition, any type of countertop including granite, wood or marble looks better beneath a set of bright white cabinets.

Clean, Clutter-Free Counter Tops

A current décor trend in the kitchen is the lack of items on the kitchen counter. This doesn’t mean simply clearing away napkin holders, candles and other bric-a-brac. Many people are finding unique ways to store their small appliances while they are not in use. For example, in order to follow this trend, someone might create a cabinet to house the large electric mixer that would normally sit out on a countertop or create a special place for a blender that would otherwise take up space on the counter. The rule of this trend is the fewer items on the kitchen counter, the better.

Accents of Copper

A copper teapot on the stove, copper light fixtures and a copper-colored faucet. These are all examples of the copper accents that are so popular in kitchens right now. The best thing about this trend is you don’t have to get a collection of fancy copper utensils, flower vases, sugar and flour tins etc. for your kitchen. You simply get a few copper items to display here and there as accents in the decor.

A Butcher Block Island

A butcher block kitchen island is a décor trend that’s both practical and decorative. You can cut your vegetables and fruits on your kitchen island while serving snacks, lunch or other meals to the family. These are available in many rich shades of wood and are easy to keep clean. You can echo the same shade of wood in any chairs, stools or a kitchen table in the space.

Finally, when it comes to décor trends for your kitchen, you don’t have to jump in and change the entire look of the space. You may already like a lot of the items and features currently in your kitchen. But, you can add a few different things and make some changes to refresh the space. You can add the trendy items you want and bypass those that you don’t.

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