The Top 3 Benefits to Certifying Your Therapy Animal

The Top 3 Benefits to Certifying Your Therapy Animal

Therapy animal is an animal trained to offer comfort and affection to hospitalized patients, the aged in retirement homes, people with mental issues, those in nursing homes and persons dealing with trauma, depression or have undergone stressful ordeals in life.

Research has found out that interacting with therapy animals increases the level of oxytocin and dopamine in the blood. The hormones are responsible for bonding and happiness, respectively. The therapy or interaction also reduces cortisol levels in the blood, a hormone responsible for stress. Therapy animal contributes immensely in improving people’s health.

Certifying your therapy animal simply means registering it as an Emotional Support Animal with a mental health doctor. It can be done either online or meeting a relevant doctor in person. Below are the top 3 benefits of certifying your therapy animal:

3 Benefits of Owning Certified Therapy Animals

  1. You will be at liberty to access apartment housing even if they have “no pet” policy

Therapy animals that assist in provision of therapeutic treatment usually have special housing rights. The animals are allowed to have access to apartment housing even if they have a ‘no pet’ policy. They are even excluded from paying pet fees within the premises they live in.

Sometimes, informing your landlord that you have a therapy animal can be hard. It is always important to know and be informed of your rights and that of your therapy animal.

  1. You will be able to waive any pet deposits and additional monthly pet fees for apartment housing

The Housing Act clearly states that landlords should not prevent tenants, despite their race, gender or disability, from keeping therapy animals. Most property owners are required to respect information on a therapy animal letter.

Landlords must waive any pet deposits or additional monthly pet fees, a requirement for people living with pets. Certifying your therapy animal protects you from paying fees or deposits your landlord might ask for to accommodate your pet. You’ll be allowed to keep the animal despite its size, type, breed or species.

  1. You will be able to have free air travel for your pet and even have it in cabin with you

Traveling with a therapy animal by air is allowed without extra charges as long as you have a therapy animal letter from a doctor. The only thing carriers worry about is the ability of your therapy animal to comply and be well behaved on the plane.

Most airlines require a therapy animal documentation from a licensed, mental health doctor to ascertain that your pet meets certification requirements.


Most people worldwide yearn for emotional companions. Therapy animals come in to help people live normal and productive lives. You can find the animals in rescue shelters or organizations. Depending on your condition, you’re at liberty to choose the right type of animal you want for a companion.

For instance, if you are undergoing anxiety issues, do not go for aggressive animals. Animals such as dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs and horses are often used as therapy animals. The type of animal you pick depends on your therapeutic plans and goals, improving your social, emotional and cognitive functions.

Contact us today to register your therapy animal to enjoy the benefits discussed above, and many more.

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