Time Saving House Cleaning Tips for Summer

Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning. When summertime comes around, it should be all about fun and family, right? Nobody wants to worry about chores and cleaning the house! When the weather is nice, you should make the most of it! Unfortunately, most of us have to spend at least a little time each day cleaning so our homes don’t fall into complete chaos! Luckily, there are some time saving house cleaning tips that are perfect for the summertime! Keep reading for the best time saving tips from the experts at SouthernCross Cleaning!

Always Focus on Clutter First

Clutter has shown to lead to greater levels of anxiety. Nobody wants to come home to piles of stuff that doesn’t seem to belong. If you have to choose one area to clean, start with the clutter. If you can get into the daily routine of cutting down clutter, your home will be a more relaxing place.

Recognize the areas of your house that tend to collect the most clutter. Maybe it’s the table by the front door or your desk. Then, try to find a way to keep this level of clutter down on a daily basis. Maybe a bowl for your keys or incoming mail will keep your entry table from looking like a mess. Maybe some filing folders would help with your desk. No matter how you choose to beat the clutter, your home will start looking better in no time!

Invest in a Good Cleaner

We’ve all wasted money on “life changing” cleaners that weren’t worth the hype. When it comes to cleaning, stick with the classics. Look for ingredients like lemon or vinegar which are known to cut down on dirt and grime. Find a good all-purpose cleaner that works for you and build from there. You probably don’t need more than 1-2 good cleaning products if you find the right ingredients! When cleaning, always let the cleaner sit on the surface before you start scrubbing. The spray or liquid needs time to soak before you start scrubbing. Spay your cleaner and give it a few minutes, then scrubbing should be a breeze!

Clean Your Electronics

How often do you clean your keyboard? What about your TV remote? These are probably our most used items, yet they rarely get cleaned! Most people skip cleaning their devices because they aren’t sure the best way to do it without damaging anything. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! In most cases all you need is a microfiber cloth and some distilled water. Make sure the device is off before cleaning! A can of compressed air is perfect for getting dirt and crumbs from small spaces and grooves. When in doubt, research the best cleaner for your particular device.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

If you know you’re prone to waiting a few extra days (or weeks) between cleaning area of your home, you might need to create a house cleaning checklist. It can be as simple or complex as you want. Maybe you always vacuum on Mondays or you do the dishes on Thursdays. Maybe you recruit the whole family for Sunday cleaning sessions. If you know you want to enjoy the days of summer, break up big chores over several days. Instead of deep cleaning the bathroom one day a week, break it into small tasks over the entire week.

Cleaning isn’t just for the spring! It’s easy to let your cleaning get behind you in the summer months when it seems like there are so many distractions. If you want your home to feel welcoming, you need to find a routine and strategy that works for you! Try these easy tips above to streamline your summer cleaning schedule! Get the clean house of your dreams in just a few steps!


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