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The Newest Member of the Miss Frugal Mommy Family

If you were wondering why things were so quite over the weekend here on the blog, it’s because we were off on an adventure adopting our first dog! We had been contemplating the decision for months and I had been checking Craiglist almost every day for a dog. I finally came across a post for hubby’s dream dog… a beagle! From everything I was told, she sounded perfect for our family and we made plans immediately to drive an hour up north to adopt her. The temperature was humid and in the 90’s, but we didn’t care, we were far too excited bring our new pup home! We decided to drive 30 minutes further to visit Nana (my mom) and then finally made the drive to go get our dog!

Here are the children meeting their dog for the first time:


We were so excited to finally see her in person!!! The kids ran around with her for about 20 minutes and then hopped in the car to drive another hour home, thank you so much to nana for helping with the kids!

She did amazing on the ride home, snuggled up with my daughter the whole ride!

pup6 pup5

The first thing we did was bring her to the pet store and pick out some treats and a new harness & leash!!!

How adorable is the harness with the flower in the front!?


She settled in perfectly that night and the following day we were up bright and early to bring her outside and play!



They were quite tired after playing all morning and afternoon and both passed out on the couch!


We are in love with this adorable dog and are so happy we waited until we found the one for us!

We were told her name was Molly, which happens to be my families dog’s name that passed away recently. We decided that since she doesn’t actually respond to that name, we will give her a new one!

A new home, a new life, a new family, a new name.

Here’s where you come in Miss Frugal Mommy Fans!

We need your help because naming this beautiful girl has not been an easy decision and we could use some ideas.

Thanks so much!!!


7 thoughts on “The Newest Member of the Miss Frugal Mommy Family

  1. i think the name phoebe will fit her perfectly…my dog’s name is phoebe.your fur baby is so cute.

  2. I had two beagles growing up. The male one was named Buck (he was used as a hunting dog in his early years) and the female one was named Baby. So I’ll say Baby.

  3. OMG!!! I love her harness!!! I think you should name her Beauty because she is soooo beautiful!!! Have lots of fun with her and let us know which name you decide. Good luck and I hope you pick Beauty!! LOL

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