The Life Changing Benefits Of Online Learning

One of the great things about the internet is how much access to knowledge it has given us access to. No longer is knowledge only to be found in textbooks or in a classroom. You should take advantage of this. 

From a new skills course through to an accredited PhD, you can study almost anything online. 

Studying can benefit your life in a number of ways, here are just a few. 

Types of Learning

There are many reasons that you might want to learn something at different points in your life. All of us should strive to be lifelong learners. Some of the most common reasons to learn include: 

Skills Based – learning something like painting, cooking, or a particular software platform. 

Career Based – taking formal training to be able to do your job or work towards a promotion or a new career. 

Interest-Based – following your interest in taking a class for a subject you’ve never learned before simply because you want to. 

Activity Based – joining a sports club or learning to play a new game or sport. 

From a young age, we want to learn new things, and new skills and explore what’s possible. Carrying this on throughout our lives, either in a formal or informal way, can only benefit you. 

Freedom To Study At Your Own Pace

One of the main benefits of online education is the amount of flexibility it allows you. There are many free courses online that you can learn at your own pace, without having to travel to meet class timetables or other deadlines. All you need is an internet-connected PC, laptop or tablet. You could even do most things completely on a smartphone. 

Professional Advancement 

In every job, some type of learning is necessary in order for you to be able to do the job correctly. Whether this is using new software, learning the workings of the department or how to interact with customers. But this isn’t where the learning stops. Professional development is key to progressing in your career. Keeping up with the latest trends and techniques is an ongoing activity. Some jobs require you to maintain up-to-date certifications and qualifications in order to continue to work in the field. 

If you’re thinking of applying for a promotion or changing careers altogether, then you will need to learn new skills or even complete formal qualifications to do this. Luckily, there are a lot of online courses and institutions that allow you to study online at your own pace. Many people use platforms such as Wall Street Prep courses, Udemy and Coursera to update their skills for their careers. 

Personal Fulfilment 

Not everything is about work. Learning can benefit you in a number of ways in your private life too. Learning about something that interests you, with no expectations, or pressure for it to lead to a promotion or other goal can be incredibly freeing. It can even be seen as a form of self-care. 

Increased Self Confidence 

The knowledge and skills we build up throughout our lives can all contribute to our self-confidence. Higher levels of education (whether formal or informal) have been linked to better outcomes in social, professional and health-related areas. 

Improved Lifestyle

Education and learning new skills can benefit every aspect of your life. For example, you can learn the basics of budgeting for yourself and your family, and learn about baby development, DIY, and first aid. These are things that you can learn even before you look at new skills as a hobby or as part of your professional development. 

It Can Benefit Others 

Your new knowledge and skills not only benefit you but others too. In a professional capacity, you can pass these skills on to junior members of staff, or use them to improve your company. Other skills might benefit your community as a whole or can be enjoyed and passed on to your children too. 

Brain Health

Learning can also directly benefit your brain and mental health for the rest of your life. When new skills are learned, the white matter areas within the brain become denser. Neurons are stimulated more and there is an increase in the number of neural pathways that form in the brain, which increases our ability to learn even more. 

Studies on people who learned a new language showed that overall brain function was improved, as was memory. Participants also found increased levels of creativity. Keeping the brain active can also delay dementia symptom onset in many people. 

New Connections

Learning not only increases the connections in your brain but in your life too. Learning skills, taking classes and participating in online discussions bring us into contact with new people. Sharing experiences and ideas with others, even making friends, is great for overall mental and physical health. Being up to date on new skills and technology can also make you feel more connected to the world, especially as you get older. 

Ways To Study Online

There are so many ways to pick up the skills you want or need. If you’re looking for a formalised qualification, many traditional colleges or universities now offer online courses. These are often much cheaper than attending a class-based course. While there may be semester or exam deadlines, you still get to choose when and where you study, so it can fit around your other commitments. Other skills can be learned on other learning platforms or even from YouTube videos. If you’re interested in learning a new language, then there are many podcasts and apps which can teach you. 

Final thoughts 

It’s never been easier to access information, skills and qualifications. In fact, you might not realise what’s out there. A lifelong love of learning can benefit every aspect of your life, from your health to your relationships to your career. So if you’re looking for your next learning opportunity or want to learn that new skill, then there’s no reason not to do it. The question is, what will you learn next?

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