Speech Therapy Exercises Parents Can Do at Home

Are you concerned about the development of your child?

Speech is fundamental to our lives, and many parents get frustrated when their child isn’t speaking correctly. Although speech problems can naturally hit any child, there are steps that you can take to help your kid’s development.

There are speech therapy exercises for kids you can do at home to help your child recover faster. Speech therapy activities aren’t just limited to therapists in a clinic.

Keep reading to learn more about conducting speech therapy with your child at home.

Articulation Exercises

If your child is having trouble with articulation, there are some speech therapy exercises you can do at home to help.

One activity is to have your child make the sound of the letter ‘k’ or ‘g’ by saying the word ‘key’ or ‘goose’ and then have them blow on a straw to make a bubbling noise.

Another is to have them put a Cheerio or other small object on their tongue and then move it from side to side and up and down. The association method speech therapy for kids can help with these exercises.

Breath Support Exercises

Speech therapy exercises are often best for children with speech delays or other disorders. There are many different speech therapy exercises, but breath support exercise is one of the most important.

Breath support helps the child to speak more clearly and with greater volume. It also allows the child to control their breathing, essential for maintaining a steady voice. 

Oral Motor Exercises

To assist their children’s oral motor skills, parents can work with them in a variety of speech therapy sessions. Blowing bubbles with the toddler is a simple practice. This improves the synchronization of the tongue and lips.

Other activities include having the child make different animal sounds, such as “moo” or “quack.”

Language Exercises

One such practice is to have the child name as many items in a category as possible, such as animals, fruits, or vehicles. Another is to have the child make up a sentence using a specific word, such as describing what they did with the word “Yesterday.” 

Social Interaction

Parents can do many speech therapy exercises at home to help their children with social interaction. Ask the youngster to share their day’s activities with a parent or other family member on a rotating basis.

The child can then practice responding to questions about the other person’s day.

Another exercise is to have the child practice introducing themselves and shaking hands with someone. The child can also practice making eye contact and using facial expressions when talking with someone. The child can develop the skills needed for social interaction by doing this exercise for speech therapy at home.

Start These Speech Therapy Exercises

Parents can work on simple speech therapy exercises such as vocalizing different sounds. Practicing saying words and phrases, and reading books aloud together. By doing these activities, parents can help their children progress in their speech development.

Be sure to consult with your child’s speech therapist to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. With a little practice, you and your child will be on your way to better communication in no time!

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