The General Overview Of Microsoft 70-480 Certification Exam

Microsoft 70-480 validates your ability to validate program flow, use CSS3 in applications, access, and secure data. It also deals with the ability to implement and manipulate document structure and objects. So, the basic experience of programming the essential application logic is the most important requirement for the candidates. The candidates should also have some basic experience of working with HTML in an object-oriented programming model.

In simple words, the basic technical skills of the candidate are measured in this exam. Microsoft 70-480 is an incredible option for IT professionals as it allows you to grow your career by enhancing your skills.

Why is Microsoft 70-480 certification so popular?

Microsoft 70-480 is a complicated yet popular exam as it helps you grow your skills and your income as well. There are multiple career options that you can choose after passing this exam. After taking this exam, you can either start your journey in the professional world or continue with your studies to achieve a higher rank in future. Basically, Microsoft 70-480 helps you improve your professional expertise, therefore, it has become popular all around the world.

Who can take this exam?

Well, the developers with at least one year of experience with HTML can take this exam. You must keep in mind that real-world experience is really important for passing the exam. So, if you don’t have any experience, then you should try to gain some experience before giving it a try.

How to pass the exam?

This is the most complicated question that students usually ask. In my opinion, if you are just studying a course for passing the exam, then you’d hardly be able to pass it. My suggestion is that you should be focused on understanding the fundamentals of this course thoroughly. Once you have understood the fundamentals, you won’t have to be worried about passing the exam because everything is already clear in your mind. However, just in order to get that pressure off of your mind, let’s take a look at some information that may help you pass the exam.

If you are the beginner, I would strongly recommend that you should go through all the study guides and tutorials that are recommended by the vendors. No matter how expensive they are, you should not skip as they are really important for you to pass the exam. On the other hand, the professional candidates are recommended to take the practice tests as many times as possible so that they can polish their skills properly.

The practice tests are designed on the pattern of the actual exam. So, these tests will help you build a lot of confidence before the exam. And you won’t feel any pressure while you are taking the actual exam. The beginners can also test their knowledge with these practice tests but they should grow their knowledge before taking these tests.

Another recommendation is that you should try to join several online study groups so that you can share some ideas with each other regarding the exam.

Exam Details

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not reveal any details about the number of questions that will be asked during the exam. However, according to an estimate, you’d have to attend 50 questions in the exam. Most of the times, the exam contains the multiple choice questions but you must be ready to solve other types of question. The time limit for this exam is two hours approximately.

Tips for passing the exam

The tips are already mentioned above. The hard work, dedication, and practice are extremely important for passing the exam. Make sure that you practice your skills as many times as possible. Try to get some knowledge from multiple resources so that you can answer the questions with a broad vision.

My personal experience

I believe that the Microsoft 70-480 exam isn’t as difficult as it appears to be. I passed the exam on my first attempt but there were many candidates that could not make it happen. After talking to those candidates, I came to know that most of them did not practice the knowledge they gained from different resources. Therefore, I have decided to share this information with you so that you may learn from the mistakes of others.

Training courses

The training courses are available everywhere on the internet. This may make it difficult for you to choose the right course. I always prefer learning from ExamSnap because it is the best online learning platform and provides Microsoft MCSA 70-480 practice test questions  especially for Microsoft certifications. So, you should purchase the membership from Lynda and start learning today.

The reason why I recommend learning from Lynda is that the instructors have prepared several files for you that will allow you to practice your skill after learning a specific skill or technique. However, other platforms like Udemy and Skillshare are also very reliable if you are not interested in learning from Lynda.

What about Dumps?

Well, I personally do not rely on dumps because I believe in regular practice and hard work. However, I have seen people that passed the exam just with the help of dumps but such kind of cases are very rare. Otherwise, you’d find lots of people that failed the exam just because of dumps. So, make sure that you rely on your own skills instead of the dumps.


I hope this detailed information is enough for passing the exam and you won’t face any trouble. Now, you know how to be ready for the exam and pass it with flying colors!

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