Affordable and Fun: Your Guide to Free Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

Affordable and Fun: Your Guide to Free Things to Do in Rio de JaneiroThere are so many free things to do in Rio de Janeiro that you’ll have no trouble planning a budget trip here. In fact, as long as you find a cheap place to stay, you’ll be able to spend the barest minimum of money as fresh food in the markets is rather affordable and free attractions won’t let you get bored.

6 Free Things to Do In Rio de Janeiro Your Whole Family Will Love

1.      Visit CCBB museum

CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco de Brasil) is one of the most visited museums in the world and with good reason. Here you can see some incredible exhibits of modern and classic art. They change regularly, so no matter how many times you come to Rio, this place is worth a visit.

The building of the museum itself is a beautiful work of neoclassical art and it hosts a café, tea salon, and a bookstore. All exhibits are always free, which makes the museum perfect for a frugal traveler. They are also versatile, so parents and children of any age will find something to interest them.

2.      See the Horto waterfall

About 15 minutes from the city is located one of the natural wonders of Brazil. The Horto waterfall isn’t big but it looks absolutely charming and is a great place to visit if you want to cool down on a hot day. This trip will also give you a chance to see some of the local nature, which is a true marvel.

The Horto waterfall is a popular spot for relaxation among the locals, so it’ll be crowded on weekends.

3.      Explore the city on foot

To experience the wonder of this amazing place you should try free walking tours in Rio de Janeiro. They will take you through the most interesting tourist attractions and let you learn a bit about the fascinating history of Brazil.

Free walking tours are available for different areas, so you can enjoy this activity many times during your trip.

4.      Enjoy a show at Santa Teresa

One of the most interesting and unpredictable free things to do in Rio de Janeiro is taking a stroll through the Santa Teresa neighborhood. This is the place favored by artists of all kinds and they often give free shows right in the streets.

The atmosphere of the neighborhood is truly unique and you’ll be able to explore it on a beautiful old-fashioned tram for cheap.

5.      Dance samba on the streets

Whether you want to practice or learn this passionate dance, there’s no better place than Brazil. And dancing samba is one of the most fun free things to do in Rio de Janeiro if you do it at Pedra do Sal. The hottest time for dancing here is nights of Mondays and Fridays.

However, as Brazilians love their samba, you’ll see plenty of dancing circles on the streets. The people here are friendly and hospitable, so you’ll be able to make new friends and learn a few dance moves right there. Be sure to keep your kids close but don’t worry about them being bored. Plenty of parents bring their children to enjoy this ‘national pastime’ at Pedra do Sal, so your little ones will be able to make friends as well.

6.      Listen to live music at Sao Salvador

If you are a music lover looking for free things to do in Rio de Janeiro, a visit to Sao Salvador is a must. It’s also a must if you simply want to listen to great music and meet the locals.

Spending a night here talking to friends and making new ones while enjoying a glass of beer is a traditional way to spend the night for many locals. The square is a place for live musicians’ concerts and art fairs.

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