The Five Must-Do’s Before Sending Your Child Off to College

If your kid is finally leaving the nest and is headed off to higher education, congratulations! That being said, your job is a parent certainly isn’t over even though they’re long gone, is it?

As such, it’s important to send your kids off the right way. It’s our responsibility as parents to set our kids up for success. Even if what you tell your son or daughter these days goes through one ear and right out the other, there are a few things you can do you give both yourself and your child peace of mind as they head out on a new adventure.

So, where do you start?

Make Sure Their Ride is Safe

If your child is taking a massive road trip to university or is making frequent trips back and forth, there’s no better present than a safe and secure car. Whether you’re bequeathing your old vehicle or purchasing a new one for them, a ride with a high safety rating and good gas mileage is an absolute must. You can use an auto deal finder online to help scour the web for great buy regardless of your budget.

On a similar note, make sure that everything’s taken care of in terms of their vehicles’ maintenance, repairs and insurance.

Take Care of their Health Insurance

Speaking of insurance, it’s only natural to worry about your child’s health and well-being while they’re away from home. This especially true when we constantly hear stories of car crashes and drinking accidents at college parties.

Therefore, make sure that everything in squared away in terms of your child’s health insurance policy in case an emergency does occur. While you don’t want to assume the worst, an updated policy can help you avoid a nasty “what-if” scenario.

Know What You’re Doing with Their Room

This tip may not seem like much of a big deal, but bear in mind that what happens to your child’s room is significant even if they act like they don’t care what happens to their old room. After all, even college-aged kids want a sense of safety and security when they return home: transforming your child’s old room into an office or gym without consulting them first is a bit of heartless move, isn’t it?

There’s nothing wrong with shifting rooms around in the case of siblings or making more room in the house, but you should make your child aware of such changes before they return home for the holidays.

Keep Building Your Nest Egg

The hidden costs of being a college student are seemingly endless. From budget emergencies to pricey textbooks, you should expect to keep as much money in your pocket at you possibly can. Setting aside a hundred bucks or so per month can make the all the world of difference if your child comes to you in need of something serious.

Talk to Them

There’s no need to be overly dramatic when your kids move to college, but remember that this represents a significant move for both of your lives. Taking the time to talk to your child about serious issues such as keeping up with their grades or drug use may seem like heavy topics, but such a conversation might deserve your attention if you haven’t had it in the past. First-year students are especially vulnerable as they come across many substances promising to help with concentration and attention during their studies. Building an addiction can happen quicker than they realize. Even if they try to take back control alone, the risk of relapse for substance abuse is high without any recovery support or for individuals experiencing high stress levels. Making them aware of the risks is all it takes to help them stay away from the fake promises of harmful substances. Either way, send your kids off with a positive tone, reinforcing your support and pride for them.

If you think that sending your kids off to college is a walk in the park, think again. Paying attention to these tips can help mentally and financially prepare for your freshman’s first year in this new adventure for both of your lives.

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