Best Gift Options For Your Long Distance BFF

There was a time when a BFF meant being around him or her always- cut to the new age, and thanks to the social media waves that have hit every single person around the world, besties aren’t found only in the area we stay. You could have a BFF seven seas away, across different time zones or maybe in the same country but in a different city too. BFFs aren’t only those who meet in person and share the joys and sorrows of life together. In fact most of us have BFF’s who communicate via skype, email, whatsapp and a plethora of technological advancements. They have heard you cry, seen you smile and laugh, and have been there in spirit through times thick and thin- it’s now time for you to show a little more gratitude and appreciation than the usual, with a chic and trendy gift! Here are ten best options to think off! 

Gifts For Him 

Best Gift Options For Your Long Distance BFF

It all depends on the nature and personality of the male BFF- says who a man cannot be another man or woman’s BFF! Having said that, here are three best gifts you could send across to him and make his day. 

A tie pin and a chic tie 

Assuming he is a working man, or maybe sometime soon he would be attending interviews to jumpstart a career with, he’d need to dress chic and trendy. Be that friend who cares for his grooming and dressing needs- get him a tie pin and a tie to wear for special occasions and corporate meets. 

A subscription to all things techno and official 

Men love their toys, and we don’t just mean cars and bikes. The new-age man is all about playing with techno gadgets, smart devices and more. Be a friend he would love to talk about and gift him a subscription to magazines or a membership to gaming sites online- poker, need for speed, racing games, lotto housie, office essentials and more! He would love passing his time and remembering your kind gesture too. 

A man bag 

A man bag would come in handy for his work, to the gym and more- it would be his personal storage space, he’d love to carry around! Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a bomb on courier services to send across a man bag. Check at and there would be various men’s statement accessories and haute couture details that you can send to your bestie’s address directly. But never forget, the best offers are those which can save you hell lot of cash – like on this target coupons and deals page, which features a whole lot of chic and fashion-friendly deals, one cannot resist! 

Gifts For Her 

Best Gift Options For Your Long Distance BFF

Gone are the days when a female BFF was happy with a bunch of roses and chocolates. The new-age woman needs practical and functional items around her, since she’s always on the move. Keeping that in mind, here are three trendy items you could choose for her. 

Trendy handbags for work 

Women today are done with carrying grandma’s look-alike bags to work- yes they are large, but then who has the energy to tug them around? Your BFF needs a bag that can house her makeup, her car keys and everything official (documents) and money too. A trendy leather bag for work is what she’d appreciate having as a gift. 

The right shoes for the gym 

You obviously know the health drill she adheres to, and would like to make a little contribution to that as well- get her a pair of sleek gym shoes that would tell her how much you care for her health. She’d remember you every time she works out her leg muscles on the treadmill! 

Beauty and lifestyle 

It is a fact that she is always on the move and this means she doesn’t have the time to sit and groom- be the friend who cares once again and bestow her with a monthly subscription of all things beauty and health related. From health foods to beauty supplements, cosmetics to lingerie and more, there are plenty of membership sites online for you to choose a premium plan for her from! How about some jewellery? Check out these gorgeous selection of Disney Jewellery that your bff is sure to fall in love with!


A Gift For Someone You Love

Best Gift Options For Your Long Distance BFF

Sometimes a BFF could be someone you date online and across continents that too. Show your love a little more appreciation than the usual and surprise them with a bunch of goodies from reputed online retail stores. Maybe a year’s supply of healthy organic foods or a membership to Netflix for a month, so that he or she could watch all the shows and movies, munching on health stuff and remembering your kind deeds too! 

We hope you like these above mentioned gifting ideas- practical and in times with the needs and demands of the modern day lives we lead. 

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