10 Ways You Can Help A Friend Be Healthier

10 Ways You Can Help A Friend Be HealthierHealth is wealth. Cliché, but the truth in this could not be overestimated. Today, perhaps more than ever, people are becoming more health conscious, given the health risks and threats present with modern living. This is why, apart from us, we also want our family and friends to stay healthy, but oftentimes find it difficult to convince them. If you are already into a healthy lifestyle and you want a friend to follow suit, you may find these tips very helpful.

Eat healthy with them

Do not just tell them, show them and do it with them. Bring some healthy lunch for a friend or encourage them to eat out in a healthy restaurant. Afterwards, you may engage them into excellent diet plans that will make them feel better about themselves.

Be an exercise buddy

Exercises and workouts are better done with a buddy. So take them with you on your next jog but be patient. Stay with their pace and let them enjoy it first. Or you can bring them to a gym and help them out. They will thank you for it.

Give healthy gifts

The best thing you could give this friend on a special day are things that will motivate them into going healthy. Give a running shoes, a workout shirt, a healthy cookbook, or anything that will help them start out on a healthier lifestyle.

Steer them away from alcohol

A glass of wine or a rare drinks with your buddy may not hurt, but it is always best to stir them away from alcohol as much as possible. Getting drunk doesn’t only cloud the mind or accumulate calories, it also makes a person eat more.

Take them to outdoor adventures

Take them to a hike or do some mountain climbing. Perhaps a swim by the lake is better. Whatever your idea of a great outdoor adventure is, take them with you and show them the world could be enjoyed more if they stay healthy.

Introduce them to health-conscious friends

The more, the merrier and if he or she is surrounded by more people that will bring more motivation and inspiration, there is a higher chance they will get into it and stay on it.

Encourage them to get tested for STDs

This may sound off track, but STDs are among the most common health problems today. If your friend is sexually active, getting tested will save them from graver health problems later on. Get some online information on how to go about it.

Talk to them when they have problems

Good health must go together with a healthy mind and heart. Be there for your friend when he needs someone to talk to and be on the frontline of their support network when they need you.

Call them out when you need to

Sometimes, you need to be honest and frank with them. Call them out on their unhealthy activities when you feel the need to. Sometimes, they just need some real wake-up call to know and understand their situation.

Show them how great a healthy life is.

Show them the great benefits of staying healthy. Tell them the great things you experienced and how you feel without sounding boasting. This may just be the right inspiration and motivation that they need.

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