Post-Vacation: Shifting Those Extra Pounds

Post-Vacation: Shifting Those Extra PoundsWe spend so much time before our holiday trying to get into the best shape. After all, we don’t want to brave a bikini without shifting some weight first. However, once we are on holiday, we do indulge in a lot of grub. After all, we are treating ourselves while we are away. However, it does mean when we get home we might have put on a few extra pounds. And it can leave us wanting to shift the vacation weight before it sticks around which could jeopardize our health! Therefore, here are some ways you can shift those extra pounds post-vacation!

Increase your exercise

You might not have done much exercise while you were away. After all, being on vacation is all about relaxing and de-stressing. However, now that you are home, it’s time to increase your exercise. It’s the quickest way to shift those holiday pounds if you do take on more exercise. It might be the case you add a morning run to your day. After all, if you get up early enough, you could go for a run around the block while your other half looks after the kids. Or you could even do it at the end of the day to help get more exercise into your life. And you might want to increase your gym session. After all, if you spend longer on machines like the treadmill and the stepper, you will soon lose weight. You should also consider going to an extra class like yoga. After all, some yoga can help you to tone up and quickly lose those pounds!

Go on a detox

You should also consider putting your body through a detox if you want to get rid of those extra pounds you have put on during your holiday. After all, it’s the quickest and healthiest way to get back into your regular shape. Drinking plenty of water is the first step you should take to detox. After all, it will rid your body of any toxins and ensure they are flushed through your system. You then need to consume high-nutrient foods which will help you to detox. Go for plenty of fruit and vegetables which can help to restore your health. You can even follow a specific detox plan if you want to do it properly; check out these Advocare products that actually work to cleanse your body. And then you can clean out your system which will soon see you dropping the pounds, so you are back to your pre-holiday weight!

Cut out sugary snacks

It’s likely you indulged in a few sweet snacks while you were on holiday. After all, the desserts are often to die for on vacation. But now you are at home, it’s a good idea to put your sweet tooth back for the time being. And you can do this by cutting out sugary snacks for a few weeks. Make sure you don’t indulge in any sweet treats such as cakes or chocolate. And also skip fizzy drinks which can be packed full of sugar. You will soon find that you drop those pounds. And then you can add them back into your daily diet slowly once you have lost that excess weight.

And remember to have patience when it comes to dropping those pounds!

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