6 Simple Ways to De-Stress Right Now

The run up to Christmas and New Year can be a stressful time. Will family feud at the Thanksgiving meal. How to afford those pressies for the kids? And what to make your resolution for 2017?

Well, take a deep breath, and read these tips to set you on the path to peace.

Get some exercise

Exercise is a proven de-stresser. Getting physical releases endorphins (the brain’s happy chemicals) and if you’re doing something active, you’re not sitting on the sofa stressing about stuff!

If you’re the independent type, a night run can clear your head for a good night’s sleep. (With the Chill Out playlist, of course). If you prefer the company of others, try group activities such as CrossFit or Boot Camps at your local park. But don’t worry, you don’t have to pay pricey gym fees. Read how How Moms Get Fit While On A Budget.

6 Simple Ways to De-Stress Right Now

If you prefer an exercise class to a solo run, you’ll like this tip, too. Picking up the phone and calling your BFF doesn’t just let you unload your worries. The sound of a human voice helps you relax, too. Hearing someone talk over the phone lowers stress levels and boosts the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin. Texting doesn’t have the hug effect, so pick up the phone.

Hug it out

Who said hug?! Scientists have discovered that a quick cuddle lowers your blood pressure – making you feel calmer. If you don’t have another half to hug, petting an animal does the same job. Boffins tested the idea on stressed-out students and found Border Collies are better than chamomile tea for relaxing.

6 Simple Ways to De-Stress Right Now

  1. Chomp on chocolate

Yup, you heard us. Dark chocolate is a superfood chock-full with antioxidants. These regulate the stress hormone cortisol and stabilize your metabolism. Cue inner bliss. According to The De-Stress Diet, just 40g a day keeps you sweet. Enjoy your chocolate with a glass of milk and you’ll get a shot of tryptophan, too. Your body breaks down this chemical into mood-boosting serotonin. Hmmm.

Pay off your debts

It’s a nasty feeling when bills keep dropping through the door. Credit cards, course fees, and utility bills always seem to come at the wrong time.

But you don’t have to let those manila envelopes ruin your day.

With debt consolidation loans, you can pay off your all your debts with one monthly payment. It makes bills easier to manage, and you won’t worry you’ve forgotten one. Just bear in mind that these loans use your house as security. So, you need to be in a position to keep up the repayments for one year.

6 Simple Ways to De-Stress Right Now

Bath salts

You know when a smell awakens a nice memory? Well, scents stimulate receptors in your nose which connect to the emotional part of the brain. Smell scientists have proven that tea tree, lavender and jasmine have calming effects. So picking candles with these scents for bath-time can help you chill out. If you’re more a shower person, get some shower gel with citrus. It awakens the de-stress hormone norepinephrine.

So, if this time of year is getting you worked up, try out the tips above, and you’ll be on path to peace in no time.

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