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5 Great Ideas For Frugal Family Fun

When people think of frugal, they don’t always have the most pleasant images in their head. They might think of dreary days and cold nights, of eating only basic rations and having no fun at all. Of course, that image is nonsense. Being frugal is just about being more sensible in how you spend your money. That applies to having fun, too. Here are some of the ways it can be a lot cheaper to make sure your family isn’t without.

Don’t neglect the tech

Let’s be honest, a lot of us are very attached to our tech. Video games, audio books, watching videos or chatting online. It’s almost an essential provision for keeping a modern household sane. But you can keep your family provided for and save money by switching up your provider from time to time. You shouldn’t assume the deal that was best for you last year is still the best for you this year. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at your tech bills and see which subscriptions you’re not really using, too.

Eating out

Going for a nice meal out is something every family deserves from time to time. It takes the pressure off you and the other adults to cook once in awhile, too. It’s all about being a bit savvier in using sites like, You need to find those coupons and opportunities for cheaper food nights out.

Hit up some alternative entertainment

Sometimes the adults need a little fun to themselves, as well. When date night comes around, or you want a night with your friends, you don’t have to hit up the clubs immediately. Instead, you might want to consider getting a bit of culture. It’s not difficult to find things like free art gallery viewings, for one. Or if you want more active entertainment, consider going to an open mic music or comedy night at a bar near you.

Join a club

What about how you spend your days? For you and your kids, it’s significantly cheaper to just get a hobby. With sites like, it’s easy for you to find like-minded people, whether you want to get involved in a book club or train for a marathon. There are lots of options for parents looking for other parents to get their kids together as well.

Skip the cinema

If you want an easy night with the family and few complaints, then seeing a new movie is your best bet. But you don’t have to spend the crazy amounts entailed in going to the cinema and buying their overpriced snacks. Instead, it can be a lot cheaper to use things like Redbox or Netflix for your movie night supply. You can get a lot comfier together in your living room with some homemade popcorn, anyway. 

From your everyday entertainment needs to those special nights, it’s not difficult at all to make frugal living fun. No-one would be able to live without treating themselves now and then, after all.

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