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The Bumble Collection: Rachel Roundabout Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to The Bumble Collection for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!


About the Bumble Collection

“The Bumble Collection is a family lifestyle brand specializing in children’s products including diaper bags and family accessories such as lunch bags, picnic baskets, and food/beverage coolers for our fashionable families. Our goal at The Bumble Collection is to provide products for parents with our full-service line of family lifestyle accessories, adding ease into their daily routine and busy schedules while attending their children’s soccer games, friendly picnics and beach trips. All products from The Bumble Collection are made of the finest materials using an all-natural process without the use of synthetic preservatives as we respect and embrace the value of sustainability and it’s effects on the environment.”

About the Rachel Roundabout

“The Rachel Roundabout provides multiple storage areas to house all of baby’s necessities.  A baby may be small, by my oh my do they require a lot of supplies.  The Rachel gives mamas on the go the means to store all of baby’s necessities for a day on the town. The fashionable print on this bag is hand-designed and exclusive to The Bumble Collection.”

My Review

Having a spacious diaper bag that keeps mine and babies items organized and is stylish is something I always look for in a diaper bag. The next few features I strive for in a diaper bag is how easy and convenient it is to clean and bring with me on the go. I was delighted to discover a wonderful brand of diaper bags called the Bumble Collection which contained all of my favorite features. I found myself particularly fond of the the Rachel Roundabout and knew instantly that this was the diaper bag for me. Not only was it incredibly vibrant and stylish, but it also contained an impressive amount of storage space.


The front pocket is ideal for those important items that you want to be able to easily access, but not left exposed. Such items as a wallet and keys would be perfect for keeping safely stored in here!


The two spacious compartments offer an impressive amount of space for items such as blankets, toys, diapers, wipes and other changing supplies. I love the interior fabric because it can easily be cleaned/wiped down and this makes split bottles and baby snack crumbs no longer a nuisance.



The top zipper closure allows you to have a compartment in your diaper bag that can safely hold larger items. I like to bring my iPad with me to places such as mine or the children’s doctors appointments. This compartment is the perfect place to keep my iPad, as well as any other items I want to make sure never fall out of the bag. With a few kids always in tote, my diaper bag undoubtedly will get kicked or knocked over a few times, I love the reassurance of knowing my important items will not fall out when this happens.



There will be times when you have to carry the diaper bag on your shoulder for an extended period of time and you are going to want one that doesn’t leave your arms sore. The thin, comfortable and secure straps on the Rachel Roundabout are great for those occasions when your bag is on your shoulder most of the day. I am very happy with the length of the straps, as they are not too long or awkwardly short… the perfect length indeed!




I don’t know about you but I have come up with some inventive last minute ways in order to keep my diaper bag attached to the stroller. This is never an ideal solution and always ends up being a hassle as I have to readjust and re-strap the bag to stay in place. I have had a few diaper bags that included stroller straps, but I always end up misplacing them when they are not in use. I was very impressed and excited to see the the Rachel Roundabout included built-in stroller straps that were easy to use and could be discretely tucked away when not in use. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite features and will defiantly make life significantly easier when out and about for the day.



Overall I am completely and 100% satisfied with the Rachel Roundabout diaper bag from The Bumble Collection. There is not a single negative aspect about this bag and I am so delighted to have discovered such a wonderful brand. The bag provides me with a great amount of storage without being too large or bulky. This is definitely the perfect bag for an all day trip and is one of the most stylish and gorgeous bags I have had the pleasure of reviewing!



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44 thoughts on “The Bumble Collection: Rachel Roundabout Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. I love the amount if storage space, and the sophisticated designs. I dislike childish prints, and I get so excited when I see modern, hip patterns for stylish mommies!

  2. This is a gorgeous looking Diaper Bag! It also has so much room to store so many items. I also like that it is Hand washable. Thankyou for the Informative Review and the very gorgeous photos that also were very informative! :0)~~

  3. I like the built in stroller straps as well. I also like that the interior can be easily cleaned!

  4. What a beautiful bag! This would be great to carry camera equipment in, but I’d probably give it to my daughter-in-law who just gave me grandbaby number 12!

  5. This was an excellent review for this bag. I was able to learn that the bag is actually water resistant, which is an awesome thing when it comes to living in Florida, and there are so many showers all the time.

  6. I love the stroller strap, that is a feature so many diaper bags don’t have, but it’s so convenient!

  7. love the fact that its ‘modern’ and functional. It has stroller clips, accessible cell phone and bottle pockets, modern design and easy to clean!

  8. I love the color and it is just very beautiful overall. I would love to have this as a diaper bag to show off!

  9. I love the built in stroller straps and how it is waterproof! I have a 31 diaper bag, and while it is super cute, it is HUGE and I have to shove it under the stroller when shopping. Big inconvenience for me.

  10. Love this diaper bag and would be perfect for my daughter who is expecting in August. It could be used for a girl or boy

  11. I just love the red and black color for this bag! It is so classy-wouldn’t know it’s a diaper bag. I also love that it has the straps for the stroller-a must in my opinion!

  12. Also the fabric is done well, as well as diapers you can put everything in it, I would say that is perfect

  13. I love that this company uses a natural process and places an importance on sustainability, without sacrificing function and appearance. It is great that this bag does not look like a “cutesy” diaper bag, but has all of the function of one and more.

  14. I love how pretty the colors are!! I also like that the bag has built in stroller straps, this will come in very handy.

  15. I love all of the storage that this bag has which will make it super easy to keep everything organized. It is also the first bag that I have ever seen that has built in stroller straps, a definite plus.


  16. Until now I thought a diaper bag was a diaper bag and they were all the same. This one is obviously different and caters to the cloth diapering mom’s, finally. I need one of these, I want to win this more than any other contest I’ve ever entered. Its so carefully thought it and executed. Great job.

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