$50 Gift Card & Annual Supply of Gray Away Giveaway

$50 Gift Card & Annual Supply of Gray Away Giveaway

Welcome to the $50 Gift Card & Annual Supply of Gray Away Giveaway!

Hosted By Miss Frugal Mommy & Sponsored By Everpro

It’s summer! And that means more time at the beach and less time at the salon. Touching up gray roots every few weeks is expensive and time consuming, but Gray Away provides women with a secret weapon in their beauty arsenal. Gray Away is easy and convenient and allows women freedom from gray roots in between salon visits.


About Gray Away

It’s hard enough to make it to the salon every six weeks, let alone every two weeks when your gray roots start to show up again. Whether you have limited time or a limited budget we want to introduce you to the perfect root touch-up solution – Gray Away by EVERPRO Beauty. We all have our little beauty secrets, and Gray Away should be in every woman’s beauty arsenal. Did you know that 70 – 80% of women over 40 color their gray hair, but that 75% of women are not using a temporary root touch-up between colorings because they are not satisfied with what is on the market? We see that as an opportunity to share our favorite solution to a problem that affects more than 60 million women.

Why Gray Away?

Gray roots start to show only 2 weeks after hair coloring, Gray Away is an easy and convenient way to spray away gray roots instantly. It extends the life of hair color saving both time and money. Gray Away does not contain dyes, it contains mineral derived pigments and it is safe for everyone to use, even pregnant women! Gray Away is a great value ($12.99 for 1.5 oz.) and is available in drugstores nationwide and online.

Now for the exciting part! One lucky fan is going to win a $50 Gift Card & Annual Supply of Gray Away! This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older. Enter to win in the giveaway tools below, all entries will be verified, one entrant per household or you will immediately be disqualified. Winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor and not the participating bloggers. Good Luck!!!



27 thoughts on “$50 Gift Card & Annual Supply of Gray Away Giveaway

  1. I am just starting to go grey, so this would be good for me so that I don’t have to dye my hair completely. With the extra time, I will read!

  2. well I am at that age where white and gray seem to be attracted to me, its also a well known fact in my family we start getting grays in our 40’s So yes this would help , I don’t use chemicals or anything in my hair but would love to try this I want to look 40 not 60 lol

  3. I have found myself with more gray hairs (thank you children) and a crazy work, school, and activities schedules. I need Gray Away to help me look younger and boost my self esteem.

  4. I need this because I don’t want to dye my whole head every time. I like to do a touch up at the roots myself every 3/4 weeks.

  5. I would use the Extra Time and Money for designing and making cards for Operation Write Home, Send a Smile 4 kids and Hospitalized Kids. TFS.

  6. I used to could get away with pulling my grays but they are getting away from and I know need to color my ahir

  7. I want Gray Away to cover my silver hairs. I would spend the extra time with my family and buy groceries with the money.

  8. I want Gray Away since I have some strong gray strands in some odd places 🙂 I would spend the funds on gas !

  9. When my hair grew back after all the chemo, radiation & stem cell transplant, it was pure white & curly! I have never had curly hair unless I curled it. Well the curls went away, but the gray STAYED! So I dye my hair once every 3 months. BUT if I had the gray away, I wouldn’t have to dye my hair as much, which in turn saves me money! Between all my grandkids & my pets, there is not much money left to go around. . .BUT I am not complaining!! Stressed BUT Blessed!!

  10. I started getting gray hairs when I was only 17 or 18, and I started regularly dyeing my hair in college with box hair color, but I have been looking for a more natural method of covering gray hairs.

  11. I guess I need it ( I don’t want to need it!) because the last couple of years I have more and more grey showing up and I’m only 33. The extra time and money will be sucked up by the kids and homeschool 🙂

  12. I would like to give the annual supply of Gray Away to my grandmother-in-law. She keeps buying the cheap hair dye and it is really damaging her hair. Maybe with all the money she would save with Gray Away she would buy nicer dye.

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